I received this sad story from a supporter. This “accidental” declaw happened 10 years ago but as you will read at the end of the story, this practice is still regularly and routinely performing this inhumane procedure on many cats daily with a guillotine clipper. They also recommend Purina’s Yesterday’s News Cat litter for their declawed cats at this practice. Please sign this petition to inspire Purina to help us end declawing with some of the money they are making from it from the sales of Yesterday’s News cat litter. [button href=”http://bit.ly/PurinaPetition” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Petition for Purina[/button]

Dear City,


In 2007, the cutest Japanese bobtail cat showed up at my parent’s house. She was declawed and I am not sure if someone abandoned her or she just ran away. When we noticed she was pregnant, I offered to take her in until after the kittens were born and weaned. A few months later, she had the kittens. Even though I have experience helping 3 other cats give birth, this was the hardest one. She had 2 with no problem but it got worse. I was doing breathing exercises with her and everything! After 45 long minutes, I ended up having to assist getting the kitten out.

That kitten was Mister.

He was a fun and spunky kitten. At seven months old, I was able to get a voucher for a reduced cost neuter.  I took him to the vet to have the procedure done. They let me know that I could pick him up at the end of the day. I had a sense of dread all day and when I didn’t hear from them, I called to make sure I could come pick him up.  They informed me that he had his first procedure and was doing well and his neuter was scheduled for later. I was confused and asked what she was talking about.

When she said his front paws were declawed, I lost it. I was so angry and upset that I don’t remember what I said. That anger grew when she said “Sorry. We mistook him for another cat.”

HE’S A BOBTAIL. How many bobtails did they have in the office that day!? “Well, we won’t charge you for the procedure! You just got a free declaw!” – like it was some kind of favor.

My blood was boiling. I had to wait until the next day to pick him up from this hack of a vet. I’ve been against declawing for as long as I can remember. It’s torture in my eyes and I had nightmares for days afterwards.

And the nightmares didn’t stop there. His demeanor changed. His paws were in pain and there was nothing I could do. For the first 7 years after the declawing, he used the bathroom everywhere except the litter box – usually on the couch. I had to get rid of about 5 couches in that time. (A few years ago, I found a new litter, Dr. Esley’s, and he has been using the litter box all the time now. It’s a miracle. Seriously.)

Since the declaw, I’ve had issues with him getting upset at everything/everyone and acting out.  I’ve had multiple roommates that would get upset and yell at him. My ex told me to get rid of him. (I got rid of that guy instead).

To this day, I am the only person he lets touch or pet him without confrontation.  It has taken an extreme amount of patience to get to this point – which I didn’t necessarily have at first (when he started using the couch as a litter box).  He’s made great improvement the last 3 years and is my best buddy. He likes to go outside on his harness and walk around the yard and is always at my feet or next to my pillow when it’s time to go to sleep.

Declawed cats can be saved with enough patience and love.

I didn’t have a choice about getting my cat declawed – but you do!
Please research the procedure and the trauma caused by it. There are humane alternatives like claw caps. And if you have adopted a cat that is declawed or have already had your cat declawed, please have patience with them. They may not use the litter box all the time but reward them when they do. Give them extra hugs, respect their boundaries, and be aware of any pain or complications that can occur after the procedure.
Be patient with them as they get used to their altered paws.
Thank you,

 Jessica and Mister

Just to see if this practice still declaws cats, I had my investigators look into them.

 This practice recommends Purina’s Yesterday’s News Cat litter for their declawed cats and say you should use it for two weeks after the declaw.
They charge $120 for a front declaw. They say their declaw is a “simple procedure” and they use the guillotine method of chopping off the cat’s toe bones and claws. They say  that they do more than one declaw a day and that the cat will be fine long term. They say that your cat will stay one night and the doctor will check to see if the cat’s amputations are still bleeding and if they are, the cat will stay one more night at their hospital.
They say that they are fine doing declawing and it’s up to the cat owners if they want it done.
The recording on their phone message says, “_____ ______ Animal Hospital, where our first priority is the health and well being of your family pet.”

This is the instrument that approximately 30% of veterinarians in America still use to declaw around 600,000 cats a year in this country every year. It’s a dog’s friend but obviously not a cat’s friend.