funny face  Listen folks. I know that most of you are on board with me with this cause and appreciate what I do and how I run things. But I also know that there are some you who think I could do things better or differently.

And guess what. I’m all ears and open to any suggestions if it means saving more cats.

But when you send me a personal message and tell me that my page encourages bullying of those who are uninformed and that I have no empathy for them and are relating it to the woman wrote the story and who was advised by her vet to declaw her 12 yr old cat for the sake of a baby on the way, I beg to differ.

If you want to tell me there’s a comment that is offensive, then please do and I will take it off there if it’s threatening or has naughty words on it. Trust me I barely have time to eat and sleep these days so moderating my page isn’t possible without your help.

Also, just because I’m not educating like you say you are or being vocal with the sweetness that you do, that’s because I’m not you.

I deal with this in a way that I believe is working. When I’m doing this every single day in most of my waking hours for zero pay and sacrificing a lot, trust me on that, I think I’m entitled to run things how I feel are appropriate as long as I’m not attacking, threatening, or hurting anyone. The bad guys are the ones doing that.

This cause is tough. Cats are being maimed every single day by doctors who know better. These doctors in thousands of vet practices in the country should be just teaching cat owners about the humane alternatives, Period.

If this had anything to do with something other than cats and their paws, it would all the on the front pages of newspapers and in the tv news.

This cause has shown me how many of these pro-declaw “doctors” are hypocrites and outright liars and usually it boils down to greed or laziness. From the unethical veterinary associations, down to your little country veterinarian, to the big ivy league college, Cornell, that took Rhoda Hogan’s generous gift and lied about how they used it, to the ASPCA who doesn’t want this animal cruelty banned and is on the side of declawing vets , the semi-famous vet who won’t personally say he’s against declawing and cried cyber bullying when we privately and respectfully reached out to him (Dr Andy Roark), the spineless cowards who run American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and who put profits over living, breathing, helpless cats, the biggest vet association (AVMA) that bullies my mom to try to get us to stop…this darkness and deceit, lies and cover-ups, when it comes to declawing is plain and simple, pure evil because they are putting either greed or the welfare of a sofa over great pain and suffering in cats.

This cause has shown me a dark side of human beings in high places and everyday vet practices that I never imagined could be possible especially with people who supposedly joined this profession to heal and help animals.

And this is what I’m exposing because these people are a shame to the noble profession of veterinary medicine.

So when you come on my page and tell me what’s wrong with what I’m doing., just be prepared to tell me how you think I could do it a little bit better.

If you want to start your “Save the cats community” and sit around and sing Kumbayah and hold hands and speak softly and gently tip toe (no pun intended) around those who are committing this evil, while cats suffer silently… then that’s your path to take. Kumb

Oh and thanks for passive aggressively saying “thank goodness for Cats vs Human” page. I went to it and found it quite amusing. Next time don’t be such a coward and block me so I can’t send you a reply though, since I wanted to tell you that I’d be happy to follow your page to save the cats if you ever start one.

Happy Caturday to all.