Update! On July 22, 2019, New York State banned declawing!


This story was published in March 2016.

This was the ASPCA’s official 2015 declawing position-

“The ASPCA is strongly opposed to declawing cats for the convenience of their guardians. The only circumstance in which the procedure could be condoned would be if the health and safety of the guardian would be put at risk, as in the case of individuals with compromised immune systems or illnesses that cause them to be unusually susceptible to serious infections.”

The ASPCA updated their declawing position in 2017 to this. Here it is ASPCA’s declawing position statement

The ASPCA came up with a new excuse for not supporting banning declawing and here it is, “Legislation to make declawing illegal, while well-intentioned, can be problematic, because, in rare cases, the procedure may be justifiable as a last resort to prevent euthanasia. There is also no meaningful way to enforce a law that includes this exception.”

Facts- There are thousands of declawed cats that are in shelters/rescues after they were thrown away because of the behavioral issues they have from their declaw procedure. Many are being euthanized. There are many declawed cats who are dying on the operating (torture) table while they are being declawed.  ALL declawed cats have to walk for the rest of their lives with some sort of pain and discomfort from being declawed.

Also, here are facts! In the cities where declawing was banned in California AND in Denver, data from the shelters shows that that number of cats in shelters DECREASED after the declawing bans.


Here’s one of the many examples that shows declawing doesn’t guarantee a cat will stay in a home and often the opposite happens. Humane Society of Midland County Story