A cat owner posted this post on facebook in March 2017. The cat owner obviously had no clue that declawing involves the amputation of the toe bones on a cat’s paw. It’s hard to believe that this is still possible but sadly it is.

This veterinary practice in Oklahoma uses a guillotine clipper for their declaws and tells cat owners that they, “cut off the nail and nail bed then use surgical glue to close the incision.”
They charge $69 for a 2 paw declaw and  $97 for a 4 paw declaw.
When a cat owner asks them if there are any negative consequences to declawing or if there will be complications they say,  “typically not, we do them frequently with no problems.”

In regards to any post op care they say, “a special litter called Yesterday’s News should be used for 2 weeks.”

Please sign my petition to Purina to inspire them to help us educate cat owners like this about the horrific truth about declawing since all of these vets aren’t.  Purina is making millions of dollars from the sale of Yesterday’s News that almost all of the unethical prodeclaw vets recommend or sell for their declawed cats. [button href=”http://bit.ly/PurinaPetition” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Petition for Purina[/button]


Then this cat owner must have been upset that someone told her that declawing was inhumane and an amputation procedure since she posted this photo of the poor kitty the same day.