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The truth. It’s time for a change.


A few years ago I took up this important cause to help end declawing because I knew that so many of my fellow cats were being harmed and suffering.

I asked my mom for her assistance. She had many creative endeavors going on, and she was quite busy with her photography career, but dropped all of that because she wanted to help me save cats from this inhumane thing.

We work day in and day out on this cause as volunteers, exposing the very dark side of the veterinary profession and declawing and it has taken its toll personally, emotionally, and financially on me and my family. We also try to educate cat owners about the facts about declawing.

The horror stories and unimaginable suffering in so many cats that we see, the apathy in many cat owners to this cruel procedure, and the corruption that revolves around declawing in the veterinary profession, is just too much and too draining for one cat and his mom to handle now.

As most of you know, late last year, the AVMA sent my mom’s private email to all the state’s veterinary associations in the country so that she would get hate mail from the bullies who don’t like her exposing the hypocrisy, greed, and lies from the veterinarians who declaw. Then I was fired from my influencer job with the cat food company and that job was allowing us to pay some bills while we worked on this cause full-time. Then I got sick on Christmas day with that very disabling and scary vestibular disease. Those things hit us hard in many ways and now we must face the facts.

I will be honest to say that my mom is having to borrow from her 401k early to help pay for our bills and the stress of that, on top of the threats to our well being and security, make it so we just can’t keep fighting this fight the way we have. The pro-declaw villains are relentless and it takes more than a village to fight this kind of evil.

We must step away for our own survival.

Lately we have been working on some real big investigative stories involving declawing and it is quite shocking at what we have found. Rhoda A Hogan’s story is one of them.[button href=”” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] Rhoda A Hogan. A true hero. [/button]  

Another is about a vet practice that literally a declawing factory and they are making hundreds of thousands of dollars doing this inhumane thing to hundreds of cats. On a normal day they do around 2 declaws , on some days, even 4.

One client who had just adopted a kitten 15 yrs ago, was told by a vet at this practice that it is like removing the nails and he declawed her kitten on all four paws. This 34 yr member AVMA vet now owns this practice has instilled his unethical mindset about declawing to all the vets who work for him. A horror story, to say the least. To this day she is still upset about what he did to her kitten and how he deceived this first time cat owner.

I was naïve to think we could help end the suffering from this horrific procedure in a couple years by putting 100% of our focus, efforts, and energy into this cause in all our waking hours, but I’m realizing it is going to take much more than this.

The pro-declaw veterinary associations and organizations, veterinarians, and their supporters in America have corrupted so much of the noble profession of veterinary medicine when it comes to declawing and are such a shame to it, that it sometimes seems that what my mom and I are doing isn’t even putting a dent in stopping it.

These people who should be helping us END this horrific thing are the ones who are trying to stop us or are either looking the other way. The say are against it yet are not being part of the solution to help end it because their put greed over the welfare of animals.

Many of these “doctors” of veterinary medicine have sadly lost their way and find such weak and unethical excuses to justify keeping this inhumane procedure. They use their hands with a laser, guillotine cutter, or scalpel to maim and harm so many cats in this horrific amputation surgery. Hands that once were raised to take a sacred veterinary oath to promise to heal and help animals.

Sadly they care less about the welfare of cats and more about money going into their pocketbooks. They care less about cats and taking the time to educate their cat clients as to why doing this disabling surgery is so bad for all cats. The care less about cats to teach their clients on how the humane alternatives are successful if you put in the time and energy. They would NEVER do this procedure to a dog because it is wrong and inhumane.

This is the reason that it is so very important for this bill in NY to ending declawing to pass.[button href=”″ color=”green” newwindow=”yes”] NY Bill to ban declawing[/button]  

The veterinary associations like the NYSVMS and the AVMA are fighting so hard to kill this bill because their vets are benefiting financially from keeping it legal. Don’t let them fool you.

Many of them are morally corrupt and don’t care one bit about the welfare of cats when it comes to this inhumane procedure.

To your face or in their declawing position statements, they will say they counsel clients and do it as a last resort but they are doing the opposite and are making a great living from declawing cats and MOST of them do NOT counsel their clients about the humane alternatives or what declawing really is.

This goes all the way to the top my friends. All the way and someday I will let you know the shocking facts about this statement.

We Will Always Remember The Ones Who Pretended To Be Against Declawing

 Also many animal organizations and veterinary medicine universities,  that are supposedly all about helping to end cruelty and suffering in animals, are either looking the other way or remaining neutral on this mutilating procedure and it’s so disgustingly wrong.

Many veterinarians who hold very high positions in the veterinary associations, your own personal veterinarians, and vets who are semi-famous or famous are looking the other way or pretending to be against this inhumane procedure and say they either don’t do it or do it as a very last resort.

Yet behind the scenes the complete opposite is happening

These people care more about greed and their own egos than they do for the welfare of cats. It’s simply heartbreaking and appalling.

If this had to do with dogs, declawing would never have started in the first place. Yet it’s commonly done to cats and in much of the vetmed profession in North America.

Sadly the American vetmed profession has succeeded in such a twisted and sleazy pr campaign in the earlier years to make many cat owners believe that this appalling form of animal abuse, cruelty, and torture is ok and a standard and common procedure in veterinary medicine. It caught on and is still going strong in most veterinary practices and many cat owners still just follow along with this antiquated and terrible mindset from what their trusted “doctors” instilled in them.

How low can you get in such a noble profession that is all about healing animals.

Another reason declawing is accepted is because these “doctors” don’t want to take the time counseling their cat owner clients about what declawing really is and how it’s so bad to do to a cat. It’s easier for them to just take these peoples money and amputate the poor cat’s much needed body parts, their toes and claws.

Here are many examples- [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] The Cowards and Hypocrites  [/button]

I will still post the handful of important investigative stories that I’ve been working on for months but will now most likely take a different path with this cause.

I’m not saying I’m completely done but things must drastically change for our own survival in so many ways.

Somehow, someday good will overcome this evil and all cats will be safe from this mutilating procedure.

Declawing WILL someday be a thing of the past and thankfully a very dark chapter in veterinary medicine will come to an end.

Remember this, someday when declawing is banned in America, all these pro-declaw vets, organizations and vet associations will say they were ALWAYS against declawing, but we will know the truth.

They weren’t, they didn’t help to end it, and they were cowards. Yep, weak and heartless cowards who could have helped to save so many cats from this horrific pain and suffering but didn’t.

They wrote politically correct words but they didn’t give a you know what, if most of their vets were doing it as a first option.

If they really are against it, they would be actively helping us end it AND would support legislation to ban it.

We will never forget the ones who looked the other way or were neutral.

So now I must focus on positive and creative things. I want to make my first book that I had planned on making a few years ago. I will try to get my kickstarter going soon to hopefully make this dream come true.

Please don’t give up on this cause. I’m not completely. Cats in North America have no voice and we must help them as much as we can.

I just need to change things up. Thanks so much for your support and what you do to make the world a better place.

 I want to still keep bringing happiness and smiles to all of you through my photos and videos.

Love, City the Kitty and family