pinnochio New Jersey Veterinary Practices Declawing Study

                                                                                      December 4, 2016

Of the 97 vets who perform declaws in this study,
72% said they do them
frequently, commonly, often, routinely,
 or on a regular basis and more than one a month.
21%  said
they just do around one a month,
very few or not often.
7% wouldn’t say how many they do.
Only 12% offered or suggested alternatives or asked why the cat owner wanted to declaw his or her cat.
These results directly contradict the testimony of the NJVMA before the New Jersey Legislature.

Here’s a summary of this study.

New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association (NJVMA) Board Members and Declawing

  1. Hamilton Veterinary Hospital. Dr Mary Moon, President of NJVMA
  2. Middletown Animal Hospital. Dr Michael Yurkus, NJVMA Board Member
  3. Burl Moor Driben (AAHA). Dr Ian Driben, NJVMA Board Member
  4. Oradell Animal Hospital (AAHA). Dr Kristie Gannon, NJVMA Board Member
  5. Garden State Animal Hospital. Dr Amy Sclarsky, NJVMA Board Member
  6. Red Bank Veterinary Triton Falls (AAHA). Dustin Lewis, NJVMA Board Member
  7. Little Falls Animal Hospital. Dr Neal Beeber, NJVMA Board Member
  8. Cats Exclusive Hospital (AAHA). Dr Neal Beeber (co-owner with Dr Jose Pla), NJVMA Board Member


1) Hamilton Veterinary Hospital- AAHA Hospital-  Dr Mary Moon President NJVMA   –  Call made in September 2016
Researcher asked for the cost of a spay for a 6 month old cat.   Employee said a first time appointment would have to be made to be sure the kitten would be ok for anesthesia. Employee went on to quote $435-650 depending on elective procedures like removal of baby teeth, blood work, & micro-chipped. Researcher asked about declawing and if they recommend it.

They said its up to the owner, if the cat displays destructive behavior that they would do it but it is major surgery. Employee quoted $800-1075 for spay, declaw & electives. Kitty would be there two nights. Researcher asked if laser is better. Employee said yes and the quotes include the laser method. Employee said they have 4 vets but only 3 do surgery, She said they were all good, and employee said Dr Moon is “excellent.”
At no time was counseling, declawing alternatives, post op care, or special declawing concerns mentioned.

Hamilton Veterinary Hospital  is the President of NJVMA’s Practice.

A Declaw is around $500- $550.  Researcher asked if they do a lot of declaws. Employee said, “Yea we do. I mean not lately because well we did at one point, not lately because of this law thing and some people are just not approving of it.”

Researcher asked are there any long term side affects? “ Just like with everything. You don’t know. Just like with neutering and if it’s going to calm them down or not.”  They said the laser is a lot less painful.

Researcher asked, do you have anyone who has done a lot of declaws and is very experienced? “Dr Moon. She’s the only one that does them.”



2) Middletown Animal Hospital- Dr Michael Yurkus

November 2023. 

Researcher asked for the cost of a spay/declaw.

Employee said the cost for a declaw varies. They said they would look up the last declaw they did and give a cost estimate for a declaw. They said the last declaw they had which they said was recently was $1570 but that doesn’t include a spay.

They said they only have 3 doctors that do the declaws. Dr Yurkus, Dr Curro or Dr Schaffer.

Researcher asked if they do them regularly and the employee said, “I wouldn’t say regularly but they’ve done a few on their own, yes.”

They said you need to bring the cat in for an exam and bloodwork and after that they can schedule the surgeries. They said as long as the cat’s ok and the blood work comes back ok, they will schedule the surgeries.



Researcher spoke to a Vet tech1-  You have to come in for a $65 exam to have them checked out first.  Asked about a declaw with the neuter.  They said, “We have the estimate for both surgeries because that’s when we would do it. Both would be $689.”  They said, “Just a declaw would be $589 for an older cat.”  Asked about getting the most skilled vet at declaws their practice and one that does more than one a month there. They said, “All the doctors do them regularly, so it’s not really an issue of who has more experience, they all know how to do them and they do them regularly here.”  They said, “It’s a regular surgery and it’s done commonly here.”    Asked how they do it and if they use a laser, they said, “the doctor does a manual disarticulation where they actually use a blade to separate the joint, instead of a laser.“

Researcher said they read a lot of horror stories about declawing but if they do them, it must not be bad for a cat.  Employee said,   “No, we do them regularly and I had both my cats declawed by everybody here, so it’s not really too big of a deal. There is a little bit longer of a recovery time obviously because they are on their feet constantly.” They said they stay there a couple days with bandages on and then they send them home on day 3 with pain medications. They said that you have to make sure your cat is in an area where they can’t jump. They said,  “A lot of times they feel like they are in pain or they are uncomfortable, so they don’t push it to the limit. But once they heal, they do really well.“                                                                                                                                            Asked if the things you read online are true about declawing being bad for a cat.  They said there are times that if the doctor doesn’t take out the complete joint, the nail can grow back but they’ve never seen it happen there. They said they’ve seen that at other places and people will bring their cats that were declawed at other practices and have the nail growing back or the bone is starting to show but that they have never seen it happen there.    

They say that long as the cats are healthy they will do the declaw surgery.  When asked if they remove the bone, they say that the nail is connected to the bone so they do take away that last portion but that it “heals completely so they don’t really miss it once it’s gone. “

They tell you, “To be completely honest my cats are perfectly fine and honestly it’s saved me a lot of aggravation with my furniture and even the other pets that I have in my house, I don’t have to worry about them swatting them and causing an injury.”

When asked, so you don’t just do one a month there? “No we do usually more than that. A lot of people get them from shelters and a lot of times they notice that the cats are a little wild and like to scratch so they elect to declaw instead of returning them. “  So you do at least two a week. “It depends on the doctor. We have 5 doctors and they do them regularly here.”

Asked about getting Dr Yurkus for the procedure next week.  They said, “you should be able to get him next week as long as the pets have been seen for an exam.” Told them I didn’t want to pay for an exam and not be able to do the surgery and that as long as my cats are healthy for the procedure will he do it. They said, “yes.”

Researcher spoke with another Vet tech 2-  Researcher asked about a neuter and also a declaw and who is their vet that is the most skilled at the declaw procedure.  They said, “All of our vets are good and the all have done declaws and no one is better than the other.”  They said , “We don’t have a vet that does declaws all the time because not a lot of people get their cats declawed anymore.”  They said that all their doctors have experience because they have been doing declaws for years but said, “if you are looking for someone that does like one a day you are not really going to find that.”

Asked if they use a laser and how they do the declaws. They said, “With a razor.”      Asked if it is ok to declaw a cat since they read horror stories about online. They said,  “you are going to read horror stories online for pretty much anything unfortunately.”  Cat owner asked if all the stories about declawing being inhumane and bad for a cat are not true? Vet tech said, “Would we rather give your cats up than declaw them no but it’s hard to say what you are reading online is true or not because some people do feel that , some people don’t. Just like how everything is in the world pretty much, everybody has their difference of opinion.”

Researcher asked if declawing is ok for a cat.  Vet tech said, “If you don’t plan on putting them outside no. The 3 yr old, the recovery is going to be a little longer than the 8 month old because it’s older.”  When asked which of their vets is the most skilled at the declaw, their Vet tech said , “It doesn’t matter. All of our vets have been here for 5 plus yrs and like I said, it’s not something we do routinely anymore, we still do it” , but say that 10 yrs ago a lot more people had it done but a lot of people don’t get it done anymore, so they don’t do them as much as they used to there they don’t do them regularly.   Asked how much the declaw is and they said it is around $620 and that includes blood work, declaw, iv fluids, pain medication, and antibiotic.

Middletown Animal Hospital vets don’t use a laser for declaws, but they have this Cutting Edge video on their website and info about laser declawing that says, “By far, one of the most common uses of the surgical laser in the veterinary hospital is to perform declawing of cats. Although this elective surgery has many proponents and opponents, almost everyone would agree that the advent of using the laser for declawing procedures has helped minimize the trauma associated with the surgery. As mentioned above, lasers will actually seal small nerves, keeping them from transmitting painful impulses. Cats that have been declawed with a laser are often running and playing within hours of surgery. In contrast, older techniques of declawing cats have potentially kept a cat uncomfortable for several days afterwards.”  

Here is the link and a screenshot of a kitty in the video that just had its toe bones and claws burned off (laser declaw) njvma-middletown

The vet in the video, Dr Jim Humphries, proudly says, ” Cat owners marvel at how quickly their cats recover from the declawing procedure and although the use of a laser may cost a little more, the benefits are worth it. And it’s the future.”

[button href=”″ color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Cutting Edge Laser Declaw video and info[/button]

(Fyi, studies have shown that there are more complications in laser declaw in the two days after the procedure. )


3) Burl-Moor-Driben Animal Hospital – AAHA Hospital-  NJVMA board member- Dr Ian Driben

11/17/16   Said that a neuter ranged from $175.60- 359.82 (microchip)

Researcher asked if there is anything that they can do when the cat is put out for the surgery.  Employee said, “ I mean, you’re not going to have them declawed or anything right?”

When asked about if their vet is skilled at a declaw their employee said, “ If you have Dr Souders do it they would be fine and she does them quite frequently and she uses the nerve blockers so it’s not as painful. Especially because the older the cat the more painful it is for them.

They said that a Neuter/declaw is $326.60 to $427.12.                                                                                                                                                  Cat owner asked Researcher asked for a declaw cost for a 3 year old cat.  Employee asked, “Are we just talking about the front?”  Researcher asked what they suggest.  “Most people just do the front. “  Just a front declaw is $295.60 – 455.12               Cat owner asked if they can just drop the cats off for the surgeries. Employee said they would have to come in for an exam because they won’t do surgery on a cat that they haven’t done an exam on. You can have the blood work done at that time and then they would set up surgery. Exam is $56.90.   Cat owner asked if they would do the surgery as long as the cat is healthy. They said yes.                                      Cat owner asked how do they declaw and who is the best doctor for declaws? “Well the one that uses the nerve block is the one that I would recommend. They don’t all use the nerve blocks.”   I asked if that vet does more than one declaw a month, “Yea, she has her own cats, and has done tons of declaws.”                   They don’t use a laser there. Cat owner asked, “You wouldn’t do it if it was inhumane right?  Employee said, “Absolutely not, Dr Souders would never do anything that she did not feel was humane.”                        Cat owner asked, “so cats don’t need their claws for anything with their health and well being?”  Employee said,   “You would have to keep them indoors only because you wouldn’t want them getting out without their claws because they wouldn’t have anyway to protect themselves, but if they are going to be indoor cats only, that’s why most people do it so they don’t tear up the woodwork and the furniture and stuff like that. “

Another employee said they do declaws quite frequently but they don’t do them as much lately because it is falling out of favor.  They said Dr Souders, Dr Warhach, Dr Ian Driben, and Dr Charles Driben do the declaws.



4) AAHA-  Oradell Animal Hospital-  NJVMA board member-   Dr Kristie Gannon’s practice. (Dr Gannon doesn’t do declaws.)

Asked about a declaw price with a neuter. Employee said, “If you are going to do a declaw then that’s the time.” (with a neuter) Cat owner asked if it’s ok for the cat to do a declaw? Employee asked, “Are they clawing stuff that you would consider that?”  Cat owner said, “I don’t want my furniture ruined.”  Employee said, “If it’s for the front it’s an additional (on top of the neuter price) $190 and they do spend three days in the hospital. If you want all four claws done it is $242”

They said, “We never recommend it, it’s actually an amputation so if they aren’t doing anything and it’s not a problem we don’t recommend it. Some cats, no matter what you do will climb up curtains or rip furniture but if they aren’t doing that then we don’t recommend it.”                                                         Asked their method of declawing. They said they use “clippers.”  They said, “We don’t recommend it unless there is a problem with their claws. It is a very painful procedure.

5) Garden State Animal Hospital – Dr Amy Sclarsky   –  Neuter is $200 -250-  Need do have an initial exam for a doctor/patient relationship.                                                                                                     What about declaw and do they have a discount to get two cats declawed. They said they wouldn’t be able to give an estimate on the phone and you would have to come in.                                                     They recommended to try AWA in Vorhees for the declaw neuter after asked for a discount price for both.      Asked for the most skilled vet for the declaw.   They said that all our doctors have been practicing for awhile and have done plenty of declaws so you should feel confidant with any doctor here doing it.                              Asked them if it’s humane to do to a cat and will my cat be fine?  They said, “It’s a personal preference. Personally my one cat is declawed. A lot of people do it for health reasons so it’s really a personal preference. “  Rough estimate -$400 for the declaw/neuter and  $56 is for exam to see if pet is healthy enough for the surgery.               Asked how they do the declaws and that I wanted to come in on a Monday for the declaw. They said, “Two of our doctors do laser and ironically it’s the doctor (Dr Amy S who does the surgery on Monday uses laser, however , she does book very quickly, she does have limited hours, she has a pretty high clientele. So if you want to do it on a Monday I suggest you make an appointment sooner than later.”             Asked if laser declaw better? They said, “It’s better as far as recovery and things like that, it’s ideal. That’s the way I had my cat done also.“  Asked if Dr Sclarsky is skilled at declaws and they said, “She’s been a vet for a very long time. She’s skilled at declaws. Asked if she does more than one declaw a month? They said,”Right, uh huh.”    Asked if their cat is fine after the declaw. “Yep he still does the scratching motion and things like that, he’s doing great.



6) Red Bank Veterinary Triton Falls– AAHA Hospital-   NJVMA board member Dustin Lewis (He doesn’t do declaws.) 11/17/16  Asked employee if they do declaws there. Employee said, “We do laser and regular declaw. Researcher asked if laser declaw is better.  Employee said that laser declaw is less invasive and the cats only have to stay one day in the hospital. Cost for laser declaw is from $1000-1300 . Employee says that “regular declaw is more invasive” and it’s a 2 day stay in the hospital and costs from $800 – 1000.

Researcher asked who is the most skilled doctor for a declaw? Employee said, “All doctors do laser and regular declaws on a regular basis and all the time and have been doing them for years. We have 50 doctors. “

Researcher asked if their cats will be fine long term after getting declawed? Employee puts a vet tech on the phone and says their doctors will talk to you about it before it is done. Vet tech says, “They all do them regularly, if you are looking for more of a doctor that has been doing it longer, they all have their own style but they are all good.”  Researcher asked if their cats will be ok after the declaws? Vet tech said,“They generally start walking the next day, it’s usually relatively simple. We keep them overnight just to be safe but if we use the laser they go home the same day. “                                                                                                                                      Employee said they’ve seen declaws done both ways and has seen “good things with both of them.” They said, “the laser is definitely a faster recovery time and the cats seem a lot more comfortable.”                                         They said their “other way” is electro-cautery which basically is not a laser but the laser is faster and the surgery time is less and it’s a little bit more expensive because the laser machine is a piece of equipment that is expensive but they said it is definitely worth it to spend the extra money. Employee said, “Pain wise I’ve seen them recover faster with the laser, but not that electro-cautery is wrong, they both do the same thing. “                    Cat owner asked, if their cats will be ok without their claws? Employee said, “As long as they don’t go outside , we only do fronts and not all four unless there is a medical reason in your household.” Employee said, We do front and they generally do well with it. If they go outside they don’t have the layer of defense to keep them safe. “

7) Little Falls Animal Hospital – NJVMA board member Neal Beeber  (Partner is Dr Jose Pla of Cats Exclusive Veterinary Hospital)   Researcher spoke with NJVMA board member Dr Neal Beeber on the phone.   Researcher asked how much for a neuter. Dr Beeber said cat owner needs to get an exam to see if cat is healthy and has vaccines. Cat owner asked him if they do declaws?

Dr Beeber said, “We do, but we do it a special way. It’s a little bit more expensive , we do it with a laser. It takes away the pain and discomfort and they go home the same day.”

Dr Beeber said that with the other methods of declawing, cats used to have to stay 3 days in the hospital , it was more expensive, and was a lot more painful. Dr Beeber said, “So this new way that we do it is great, yea, we are one of the few hospitals that does it. We will go over it when you come in for the first time.”

Cat owner asked about these facebook posts that say, “Our practice offers choices for declawing your kitty. Call today to schedule an appointment to discuss these details with your veterinarians.”njvma-beeber-board-member2

Dr Beeber explained, “We try to talk people out of doing it the other way, it’s not as good.” (His partner, Dr Pla,  uses a laser for declaws)                                                       Dr Beeber said, “I don’t do them but my partner does it at our Cats only hospital.” Beeber said that his partner, Dr Pla, was one of the first veterinarians in NJ to do them so he has a lot of experience. Beeber said, “He’s probably more experienced than anyone in the state. He’s really good at them.”

Cat owner if their cats will be ok from being declawed and won’t be limping for the rest of their lives. “Correct. “

Dr Beeber put the receptionist on the line. She asked, “Do your cats have a problem since we don’t like to automatically declaw.”  Researcher said, “Yes they like to scratch the sofa.”  Receptionist said, “ok” and gave the prices.  Declaw/neuter $985, declaw for the 3 yr old cat is $875.  

Researcher asked if cats are ok after the declaws long term and asked if Dr Jose Pla is skilled at them? Employee said, “He does them all the time at our other office (Cats Exclusive Animal Hospital) and he used to do them quite often when he worked in this office. He knows exactly what he’s doing .”

8) Cats Exclusive Hospital AAHA Hospital – Owned by NJVMA board member Dr Neal Beeber and his partner Dr Jose Pla.

Declaw is $826.   Declaw/neuter/microchip pain meds is $981 including Purina’s Yesterday’s News cat litter, that you need to use for a week they say.

When asked if their doctor was skilled at declaws, employee said, “Dr Pla definity does a whole bunch of those” and they go home the same day, they don’t go home with any bandages, and they say they send you home with Purina’s Yesterdays News. They said that he uses a laser and it , “cauterizes the nail as it cuts through it,  there should be less bleeding, no bandages, and quicker recovery time.”   When asked if the doctor takes the nail, they put me on hold and came back and said, “Basically if you look at your finger, it’s from the nail to the first knuckle which is a small part of the bone.”

Researcher asked if there are any problems with declawing and employee said, “no we haven’t seen any.”

Dr Pla and Dr Beeber like to advertise their laser declawing on their facebook pages. Posts are from 2015 and 2016.


Screenshot from Cats Exclusive Veterinary Hospital-  njvma-beeber-catsexclusivelyedit

Cats Exclusive Veterinary Hospital-  Cat owner asks about declawing. Listen to audio below

Audio- Cats Exclusive Veterinary Hospital – NJVMA Board member’s Dr Neal Beeber’s practice (Along with Dr Pal) –

Researcher asked if declawing is safe for a cat? Employee said, “It is safe. We use a laser instead of the old way so with the laser it cauterizes while it cuts so there is less bleeding and the healing time is much quicker and you would take your cat home same day. “

Researcher asked if there are any side effects. Employee said, “I’ve gotten people that would call and say their cat is back to normal and running around as if it didn’t even have surgery. Most cats just go back to living their regular lives and not really noticing that they are declawed.”

Researcher asked which doctor does their declaws.  Employee said, “The only doctor that we have here that does the declaws is Dr Jose Pla so you can google him he’s very good. A lot of people have positive reviews on how he handles the appointments and all that. “

Researcher asked if he does them often. Employee said, “The declaw, yea,” and gave a price for a laser declaw/neuter -$875.41.

Dr Pla reviewed his own practice on January 24, 2017, and talks about why he declaws cats. He gave his practice 4 out of 5 stars in his review.


INFO ON Laser declaw Cats Exclusive Animal Hospital WEBSITE

Declawing is as commonly misunderstood and often highly vilified surgical procedure. The reality is that the success or failure of a declaw surgery is highly dependent on 3 things:

  1. The experience of the surgeon
  2. The surgical technique used
  3. The type of pain management used both prior and post surgery

Based on a 100%[1][1] success rate over the last 10 years, we feel confident in stating that all declaws should be done only via laser surgery. Our protocol results in a complete absence of behavioral changes as reported by the many, many clients that have had the surgery performed here at Cats Exclusive. We have also been highly successful in helping cats that have had side effects from declaws performed at other hospitals. Call us to schedule surgical consult


9- OCEAN COUNTY VETERINARY HOSPITAL (They have 4 locations, 2 practices are in this study) – AAHA Hospital-  DR PETER FALK-co-chair of the NJVMA Public Relations Committee and part owner of this hospital.


In his bio on the website it says, ” he co-chairs the NJVMA Public Relations Committee promoting awareness of veterinary services provided to the public. “

OCVH Employee – Declaw is $260 Cats have to stay 4 days after the declaws. All of their surgeons are good at declaws and they say they “do quite a few” and “most of our doctors do at least one a week.”  They use “clippers” they say to declaw and send you home with Purina’s Yesterday’s News litter. They say that the older cats will take longer to heal.

Ocean County Animal Hospital has a whole page about declawing with no information or awareness about alternatives, training your cat to use scratchers, nail trims, soft paws, etc.

Screenshots from [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] OCVH Resources Section[/button]



10-  Fischer Veterinary Hospital- AAHA Hospital- part of OCVH HOSPITALS DR PETER FALK-co-chair of the NJVMA Public Relations Committee and part owner of this hospital.

Employee said a Spay/declaw is $525.  Declaw for 3 yr old is $550.  Asked if their vets are skilled at the declaws and they said yes, “we do them all the time.” Asked how they do them. Employee said they, “cut the nail off at the joint.” 

  Another employee said that you can schedule the declaw (which would be $500 for a cat under 6 months old,) with Dr Falk and just drop the kitten off the night before and pay a small boarding fee and he will do the procedure the next day. They keep your kitty for a couple days after the declaw. 

Employee said Dr Briggs is taking over for Dr Falk.   Researcher asked if Dr Briggs does declaws often.  Employee said, “he does. Again, I don’t know how often, I wouldn’t want to steer you wrong, but he does them often. Dr Falk does as well.”





1- Vernon Veterinary Clinic-  They say that they do about 1 a month. Said that a spay/declaw is $535 and just a declaw for the 2 ½ yr old is $445. Their vets use a scalpel and asked if cat will be ok after the procedure and the employee said yes and that the cats “forget” that they had a declaw procedure done to them. They said they even have done a couple older cats and “they are ok.”

2-Tuckerton Veterinary Clinic- Declaw/neuter $926 Declaw $768. The use a laser and stay two nights . They say that the laser declaw is “cleaner and more sanitary and helps in the healing process.” Say that all their vets are skilled at it and it is an “amputation of the toe.” Said that the declaw surgery is “not common” but their doctors have done them “plenty of times.”

3- Tabernacle Animal Clinic- – Declaw is $225-250. Asked how often the do declaws and they say, “depends, sometimes a lot in a row and sometimes one a month.” Employee said that their doctor “did my cats and they are fine” and said “it’s a good idea if you have children.”

4-Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital – Said they do declaws from “time to time” and around 1 to 2 a month. One employee mentioned trying soft paws and said that other vet practices do tendonectomy. Another employee said that they have 5 vets that do declaws. Asked if they are skilled at declaws and do they do one a month and they said reassuringly, “Probably more.” Declaw is $921.14

5- Haddon Veterinariy Clinic- Said that they declaw but it is less of a common procedure and only do around 2 a month. Said a laser declaw for the 2 ½ yr old cat is $400 and it’s a safe procedure.

6- Hopewell Veterinary Clinic Employee said that they used to do them all the time but don’t do them now and no vets can because it was banned in NJ. Employee that they are “kind of sad” that it was banned because so many people are going to get rid of their cats or throw them on the streets because of problems with their furniture and scratching.

7– Manahawkin Veterinary Hospital- Front Declaw is $362 for an 8 month old and $387 for the 2 ½ yr old cat. Said the doctor will “manually take the nails out.” Recommended Dr Bodman and said “he’s done plenty of them and does them “regularly.” Said that he uses a “special tool” to declaw and your cats won’t go home with pain meds. They said that in one week your cats will be ok.

8- Cresskill Animal Hospital- Vet tech said that they only do the front declaws unless you; “can’t be scratched.” Said that it is amputations but that the cats “heal quickly” and stay two nights and get pain meds. Recommended Dr Tal and said said she does maybe one or two a month and “when clients request them, she does them.”

9- Piscataway Animal Clinic- They do declaw but not too much. They suggested to start playing with the kittens paws to get it used to being touched so that the nails could be clipped at ease. Mentioned the humane alternatives.

10- Evesham Veterinary Clinic- When a cat owner asks about a price for a declaw they ask, “do you want two or all four?”  They say that they do declaws on Mon. ,Tues., and Thursdays, and say, “it’s a very common procedure” and they said they, “average one a week.” Cost for a front declaw is $205 and all four feet is $245. Researcher asked how they do the declaws and the employee said, “it’s simple and they go in and remove the nail and some of the bone.”   Researcher asked if it’s bad for a cat or inhumane. Employee said, “you can try a scratching post first if you want.”

11-Holmdel Vet Clinic- They said that they don’t do declaws and it is “pretty brutal, old school, intense, it’s like cutting off the tips of your fingers and it sucks. Try soft paws.

12-Edgebrook Animal Hospital- Said that it’s not good for a cat and is painful, and they don’t recommend it. Said that they are not declawing anymore because of the state law.

13- Jersey City Animal Hospital
An initial visit was required at $100.00. The doctor will assess cats, answer questions & talk about declaw surgery & cost, and said this is because they do very few. Asked how many she thought, she said perhaps 10 a year.

14-Downtown Veterinary Assoc
Said that all information & estimates for declaws are given by their doctor and you have to come in for a consult first. They have 3 doctors who do the declaws and they use laser. Asked if they are skilled at declaws and do they do more than one a month, employee said, “oh yes, we do them quite often.”

15- Plainfield Animal Hospital—AAHA hospital – Researcher asked about how much a price for a neuter would be. Employee asked, “We aren’t doing a declaw are we?” Researcher asked what’s the cost for a neuter/declaw. Employee asked, “front or all four?” Researcher asked what they recommend to people and employee said, “most people just do the front.” Employee gave the price for a neuter/front feet declaw $650. Front declaw price for the 3 yr old is $425. Cat owner asked how they do it and if their vets are skilled at declaws. Said they use laser and “we do them all the time.” They have your cat stay two nights and say they give your cats Purina’s Yesterday’s News cat litter.

Another employee said they do not do many declaws and only as a last resort. A front declaw is $401. Employee said declawing is not common anymore and many declawed cats have behavior issues.

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16-Stafford Veterinary Hospital-  Neuter is $460 They declaw front only $926, keep cat for two days. Declawing for a three year old cat is $768. They do not do many declaws, it has declined in the past several years, and employee mentioned the NJ bill. They said they do about one declaw a month.  Cat owner asked about long term damage she said there is none, “they still think they have claws”. The short term is they will be sore a few days, maybe infection because declawing IS an amputation of each toe.

17 Columbus Central Veterinary Hospital-   Employee said they do declaws “frequently”  they say, and have regular establish clients who bring in their new kittens for a declaw.  Declaw/spay $560 and Declaw is $414. Asked which is the most skilled vet and said Dr Marian Boden. Asked if she does more than one a month and employee said “yes” and said she does them, “very regularly.” Asked about the horror stories about declaws online and they said “you can get horror stories about anything” and said that they don’t see any problems but did say it was an invasive procedure.

18-Bayview Animal Hospital-  Asked about prices for a neuter on 6-7 mo kitten & possible declaw for kitten & 3 yr old cat. She stated an initial visit must first be done $73.00, They said their doctor checks out the health of the cats,, answers questions & quotes prices.
I asked if they perform the declaw surgery often, she said they do “very few.”

19-Feline Medical Center-  Neuter and declaw is $750. They do not do four paws unless it is “medically necessary.” Asked about declawing the three year old cat and they said you have to discuss this with the doctor and he will have to examine the cat. Asked about long term damage, they say every cat is different, some will start biting. They say, “it is better to declaw them when they are young.” They say they declaw a couple a month, it has declined in the past 10 years.                                                                                                                         Info on their website says, “Laser Declaw: With use of a surgical laser our declaw service has become very popular due to the significant decrease in post-operative pain as opposed to traditional surgery using a scapel blade.” [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Feline Medical Center Laser Declaw info[/button]

20- West Trenton Animal Hospital- Laser declaw is between $600-700 plus $60 exam and $80 blood work to make sure the cat is healthy for the surgery. Front declaw is what they normally do and it’s with a laser. Researcher asked if their vet is skilled at declaws. They say Dr K has been doing declaws since the 70’s and is the only one who does the declaws at their practice.  They say he also does ear cropping and say people drive for miles to come to their practice for these two procedures since there aren’t any practices around their area that do them. They say they aren’t doing as many declaws anymore because adoption agencies and shelters don’t allow declawing and less cat owners are asking for it.

21-Valley Animal Hospital- Said had to speak with the Dr during consultation regarding all surgical cost & questions. Only one doctor does them and they say he hasn’t done one in awhile.

22-Ringwood Animal Hospital–Asked about a price for a declaw. Employee said , “we only recommend the front feet” and gave a price for $365 for a declaw and $630 for spay/declaw. Said their doctor has been doing them for 35 yr only does them on Wednesdays, cats must stay two days, they don’t use a laser, and one employee said that they do, “a bunch” and another employee said that it depends, some months they may do a couple and another month they might not do any.

23- Pennington Veterinary Clinic- – Declaw/spay $800 and declaw is $622.26   They say that they see a lot of cats for declaws and their vet does more than one a month. The employee said that they do, “quite a few.”

24-Nutley Animal Hospital- Said that  they only do front declaws for around $600. They said that they would even declaw a 3 year old cat but that it is around $800.  They require a two night stay. They say there are no long term negative effects but should keep them quiet for a couple of weeks. Said they do a few declaws a month.

25-Community Animal Hospital – Declaws are around $580-$986, which includes 2 night stay, fentanyl patch, bandage changing. Asked how many do they do one a month, she replied “it varies but we do enough that they know what they’re doing”, and “we even have a hospital cat that was declawed.” Asked if there might be any long term problems, said “they do fine.”

26- Hamburg Vet Clinic- They only do 2 paws and it would be $520 for each cat. Said that it was amputation of the first digits on the paws and that it is painful. They do go home the next day with pain meds. Recommended Purina’s “Yesterday’s News” cat litter or shredded newspaper because we don’t want litter getting in the incision & getting infected.  Researcher asked if there’s any long term negative effects and employee stated no. Employee was asked how many declaws they do in a month and said, “quite a few.”

27-The Maywood Veterinary Clinic-  Employee said it would be better to do the declaw at the same time as a neuter. $950-$1000 for front, all four $1100.  3 year old cat declaw is $900 front, $1,000 back.  Researcher asked about long term negative effects and  the employee said , “declawing is like cutting off your fingers at the first knuckle and is traumatic and some cats will bite more” and said “the paws heal fully without damage.” They use laser, the doctor is experienced they say and “has been doing them for many years and said declawing is “second nature” for the doctor. Said “people get their cats declawed to keep it in the home instead of surrendering it to a shelter.” Another employee said, “yea, we do plenty” after cat owner asked if they do more than one declaw a month and said they have 5 doctors who do surgeries Monday through Friday. 

28-Newton Veterinary Hospital-   Researcher asked for a price of a neuter and declaw.  Declaw/neuter combo $435   Declaw- $380. Employee said, “We don’t do quite as many as we used to but Dr Bladek does declaw surgeries all the time and has been here for a very long time.”  Kitten Well-Care Plans on their website with declaws. Screenshot from January 2016. newtonvetwellnessplan

29-Saint Francis Veterinary Center of South Jersey -AAHA Hospital and AAFP Cat Friendly practice-   Cat owner asked if their vet is skilled at the declaws and do they do them regularly and more than one a month. Employee said, “yes, I know of a few he did in November.”

Another employee was asked for the price of a spay and then asked if they also declaw. Employee said yes, “Would you like two or four paws?” Researcher asked what they suggest.  Employee said, “Some do all four but we recommend just 2 since they don’t ruin furniture with their back paws.” They said it is $390-510 for a front declaw but you can save money to do the spay/declaw together. Employee said that their vet Dr Magazu does the declaw the surgical way with special clippers. Cat owner asked if their cat will be ok long term from the declaw and if their vet is skilled at the declawing procedure and the employee said yes, you just have to limit their activity for 7-10 days and said, “we do them all the time.” They say Purina’s Yesterday’s News Litter is included in the declaw price. Here is a facebook post from this long time NJ vet’s practice on Sept. 7, 2017.

30 – Murray Hill Veterinary Associates– Declaw/Spay is around $290. They said that they have 10 doctors, they are all good at declaws, and only one doesn’t do surgeries. Vet tech said that they aren’t doing declaws as much anymore because a lot of people aren’t asking for them.   Said they use a scalpel not a laser and that it is an amputation surgery, and that NJ is looking to ban declawing and it’s already banned in New York.

31- Animal Clinic of Millville –  Asked for the price of a declaw. Employee asked, “do you want just the front or all four?” Front declaw- $278 All four- $378 They say they do the declaws “surgically” and that “all of their doctors do the declaws regularly, 5 days a week. “Recommended Dr Granato who is, “very skilled and does them regularly.”

32- Animal Clinic of Buena Vineland – Declaw/neuter $352  Says they must be indoors only and there’s a greater risk of infection in an older cat. They use the guillotine method and say Dr Ludway does them “all the time.”

33- Blue Cross Animal Hospital – Asked about declaws at this practice and if it is inhumane. Employee said that they do declaws and “it just recently came up that they are inhumane.”  They say that their doctors, “cut the nail out and use surgical glue.” When asked if their vet is skilled at them and do they do them often, she says, “either vet is good at them and yes, they do them regularly.”

34- Clayton Veterinary Association- They say, it is best to do a declaw at the time of a spay and they have a package for $724-958 A declaw only for the older cat is $624-834 They use a scalpel to take off the front bone. Dr Morgan is the best but they said they don’t do that many anymore because it’s not that popular and is controversial. They said, “ If your cat is destroying your house or scratching people, then it might be worth it.” Said that the cats sometimes develop behavioral problems. Asked if it was inhumane and they said, “The doctor wouldn’t do it if it was a problem” and that they’ve had “quite a few come through here” and haven’t seen any problems.   Another employee said that they are going to stop declawing on January 1st. Cat owner asked why and employee said it is a controversial procedure and an amputation of the toes. Said to try soft paws instead.

35- Stafford Veterinary Hospital- AAHA Hospital-  Front declaw/neuter is $926 and a declaw for the 2 ½ yr old is $768.  They use laser and say it is amputation of the knuckle but that laser speeds up healing and cauterizes. Employee said,  “All of our vets do them pretty frequently” and said that Dr Erin Treloar won’t do them.

36- Red Bank Veterinary Linwood-  Said that Dr Taylor is best and she’s done her share of them and they wouldn’t do them if it was harmful to a cat. She said they remove the first part of the bone, use a laser, and you shouldn’t let your cats outside but that sometimes it can make your cat more aggressive. Wouldn’t say how many they do a month or if they do more or less than 1 a month.

37- Cinnaminson Animal Hospital – Said that declaws are a routine surgery and their doctors “do them all the time”. They use a scalpel to take the whole toe out and they see no issues. Neuter/declaw is $630 and a declaw for the 2 ½ yr old is $550. Said that most cats do very well afterwards.

38- County Line Veterinary Hospital-  Declaw is around $300 and they remove the first digit with a clipper. When asked if their vet is skilled at them they said, “oh yes, they do them all the time and it’s the most popular procedure.”  They said the younger the better because the older they are then their paws can be more “sensitive.”  They say they have two vets who do declaws very frequently.

39- VCA Maple Shade Animal Hospital-  They use a scalpel to “separate the bone.”  When asked if they are skilled at them and do them often they say, “Yes, I can’t even say how many declaw surgeries they have done…more than I can count.”  Another employee was asked if they do more than one declaw a month and they said, “yes, we see quite a few declaws.”

40- The Country Animal Clinic- Cat owner asked for the price of a declaw and employee asked, “are you doing all four or just 2.” Cat owner asked what do they recommend. Employee said that they usually say to start with the front and then if you need all four paws declawed, you can bring them back. Said that both their vets are good at declaws and “do them regularly” but that Dr DeBaecke is the one who will do the four paw, the other female vet only does the front paw declaws.  Asked if they are skilled at the declaws and employee said that both do them “often.” Cat owner asked if they do more than one a month and employee said, “oh yes.”  They said said that they use the “clipper” method and keep the cats for a day but that it takes about a week for them to heal “so their feet can calm down.”


41- Raritan Animal Hospital-  They do declaw but said cat owner “better do it soon” became after the first of the year they are passing a law to ban it. Said declaws are routinely done, as common as neutering. Declaw is $700-900 with a laser.      The employee said that declaws have almost become as routine as spays and neuters. Employee asked if the researcher wanted all four or just the front two.  A declaw is from $600- $800.  They also said they have the radio wave method for the declaw surgery which is $120 more.  They said that the radio wave method is a lot less painful, less messier as far as blood and aftercare and the healing is a lot faster. They have around 9 vets who do their declawing and mentioned some of the Dr Spodnick, Dr Sokolowski, Dr Ottoson, Dr Ruiz, and Dr Maehr.

42- Fanwood Animal Hospital- Said they don’t do them anymore because there’s a new law that just passed that banned declawing.

43- Lanoka Oaks Veterinary Center- A neuter/declaw is around $500 and said just a declaw is a little bit cheaper. Said both their doctors have done declaws quite often and “it’s a fairly common surgery.” Said that they, “did one the other day” and “yesterday.” Said that they use “declaw scissors” to do the declaws and that the cats “heal up pretty quick and are walking around.” Said that there is no negative side to declawing unless they go outside.

44- Parkway Veterinary Hospital Cape May Court House- Declaw/neuter is $344.68 and declaw is $272 but it’s an extra $94 if you want the laser declaw. Said they do a lot of laser declaws.

Vet tech said, “you just take the nails off” and recommended the laser since it is less pain and less bleeding. Recommends Dr Mosson for the declaw procedure since “he loves cats and we call him the cat doctor.”

45- Rothman Animal Hospital – Declaw/Neuter is $499 Declaw is $359 Say their doctors are very experienced with declaws and “superb” results. Recommended Dr Javic because he is skilled and does quite a few and a great job.  Vet tech said Dr Javic “dissects the joint” and does an “amazing job.” Said that their clients say that they, “can’t even tell that he took the nail out. “   Said that the cats usually “come out feeling great” and he “does them quite frequently” and “he is the best to do a declaw.” They say they send you home with Purina’s Yesterday’s News cat litter.

46-VCA Allenwood Animal Hospital-  First time cat owner asked for the price of a declaw. Employee asked, “Just the front?” Cat owner said, “What do you suggest?” Employee said to try Soft Paws since it is a surgery that involves, “removing the first knuckle.”  Employee said a front declaw is $490 and an all four declaw is $533. After giving the price the employee was told that they don’t do the all four declaws. Cat owners asked for the vet that was  the most skilled at the declaw procedure and employee said that they all are good but mentioned Dr Fiancee.  Cat owner asked how they do the procedure and employee put the cat owner on hold and came back and said that Dr Lapalia informed her that they only declaw cats for a medical reason because it is an” injustice to the animal.”  Cat owner asked what a “medical reason” is. Employee said for diabetics since they can’t be scratched.

47- Mercerville Animal Hospital- Declaw/spay is $518.20 and declaw for the 3 yr old cat is $394. When asked which doctor is the best for the declaws and is the most skilled, employee recommended Dr Stevens and said she “amputated my one cat’s leg.” (because of an accident) Employee said this vet does “many declaws.” When asked how do they do the declaw, they say, “they just clip the nails back as far as they can.”  Asked if declawing is bad for a cat. Said there are a lot of “discrepancies” about declawing.

48- Animal Hospital of Clinton Perryville- – Declaw is $341 and declaw/spay is $567 Asked about the procedure and they put the doctor who does the declaws on the phone, Dr Ross. He reassured cat owner that the cats stay two nights, get pain meds, they give you Purina’s Yesterday’s News cat litter, and it usually “goes very well.” Said that the declawed cats, “usually go home feeling really good. “ Said that he’s done around 50 declaws and had only one cat hold it’s paw up and said maybe it was from nerves or phantom pain but that went away in 6 months. Said that he uses a scalpel and compared it to your finger and that he takes the “last part.” When the cat owner asked if cats need their claws or that part for their health or well being, he said, “ No, they do very well without it.” Said that an older cat might take longer healing, have trauma both mental or physical. Said that he has done 5 adult cat declaws and they had no problems. Employee said he’s been doing them for 10 yrs and is “comfortable doing them.” Not one mention of the humane alternatives and they never asked why the cat owner wanted the declaw.

49-  VCA- Toms River Animal Hospital-AAHA hospital- Told cat owner they can discuss having a declaw surgery with Dr during an exam, Dr will quote price for a 2 paw only. Said both cats would be fine to have declaw at Dr’s discretion. Asked how many declaws do they do, employee said, “ a fair amount, did 2 last week.” Asked if there are any complications or negative long term problems with a declaw procedure and they said,  “no but there is always some risk with every surgery.”


50- Trenton Veterinary Hospital-  Said they just stopped declawing because, “it’s getting ready to be outlawed.”

51- Hoboken Animal Hospital – They said that a declaw for a “under 5 yr old cat” is $485.50 and it’s an extra $100 if you go with the laser declaw which they said the cats “bleed less.”   Asked which vet is the most skilled at the declaws and they said, “they all do declaws.”  Another employee was asked and said they recommended Dr Sprague and that they do around 1 or 2 declaws a month.

52 – Yardville Animal Hospital- Said, “State of New Jersey doesn’t do them and it’s banned.”

53- Robbinsville Veterinary Clinic – Cat owner asked for the price of a just a spay. Employee said, “A spay is $200 unless you want a declaw.” Said a spay/declaw is $400. Asked how much just a declaw is for the 3 yr old cat, they said, $250. Asked which doctor is best and said they just have one and he does them frequently and has been doing them for years.

54- Greenfield Veterinary Association- AAHA hospital-   Declaw for 3 yr old is $730 and they say that Dr Lafferty is skilled at them and “does a lot” and has done “3 in this month.” Cat owner also spoke with vet tech to ask if the cats need their claws for their health and well being or long term or is it bad. Vet tech said cats just have to be indoors, stay calm so they can heal and need to use special litter, Purina’s Yesterday’s News. Asked again if it’s bad for a cat long term and said, “I can’t answer that question. It’s personal preference.”

55- Woodbridge Veterinary Group- Asked about a spay and declaw. Front Declaw is $550 and spay is $250 They say they, “don’t like to routinely declaw.” They talked about giving the kitten a chance to use scratchers because not every cat is destructive. Said to give it some thought and to give that cat a chance. Talked about the humane alternatives.  Another employee was asked how they do the declaw and the employee said “they just pull them out.”  All their doctors declaw cats and they say they do it for cats that are scratching nice furniture or if people have kids and don’t want them scratched. When the employee was asked if it’s inhumane, the employee said some people think it is but it is still legal. Employee said that you can trim the cats nails instead. They said that they leave it up to the cat owners if they want to declaw their cats. 

56- Little Silver Animal Hospital – – Asked about a price for a declaw and if their vets are skilled at them. Employee said that all their vets do declaws and they are very “reputable.” They said that you better do the declaw quick because declawing might be banned in New Jersey. Said that they do declaws, “frequently and it’s a common practice” at their hospital. They said, “declawing is maiming” but that they are “removing the claws.”  The employee said that they would rather have cats in a home and declawed and people need to do it if they have young children or if you love your furniture or apartment and love your cats. They said to not ask your friends because you will get all sorts of opinions like there are on Trump or Clinton. They said to read about it online but try not to get into the gore.

57- Livingston Animal hospital – Asked about a declaw. They ask, “Do you want 2 paws or all four?”  They use a “blade” and say they have a vet that’s been doing “tons and tons” of them and people still get declaws done “frequently.”  Researcher asked if cats need their claws for anything for their health or lives? The employee said, “no.”

58- Valleybrook Veterinary Hospital-   Asked about the price for a declaw. Employee said that it is illegal to get it done in NJ but then said, “not yet” after someone corrected the person on the phone. Said they don’t do declaws unless there is a medical reason.

59- Lawrence Animal Hospital- They said that they don’t declaw and never did it because it isn’t good and is taking the bone on the cat’s paw.

60- Animal Hospital of Kingston – $269 for a declaw. Researcher asked which vet is the most skilled at declaws and they say that all their vets are skilled and recommended Dr Weisner. Asked if she is skilled at declaws and they said she, “regularly does them” and said that she did “two yesterday.”

61-Cape May Veterinary Hospital- Declaw neuter $470-580 Said they only do about 2-3 a year and it’s more tough on older cats.

62- Two Rivers Animal Hospital-  Researcher spoke with Dr Heins and asked about a cost for a declaw for a 7 month old and 3 yr old cat. Dr Heins said that he won’t do a declaw on a cat over 1 yrs old.  He recommended laser declaw and to go to Barnside for that for the older cat and even both cats. He uses the rescoe clippers and says that they “work well” for declaws but that he “doesn’t enjoy doing them” and to give the young cat a chance to use scratchers and things before he would do a declaw.

63- Central Monmouth Animal Hospital- They say both doctors have been practicing for over 20 yrs and do declaws  Asked how they do the declaws and they say, “surgically with an incision” and say that the cats are “healed within 2-5 days.”

64- Peticote Veterinary Clinic- – Spay/Declaw is $606 and Declaw is $450. Said that Dr Pettit and his daughter do declaws, “on a regular basis” and said that they did “2 today and a couple last week”. They use a scalpel and say your cat will take two weeks to heal, they recommended Purina’s Yesterday’s News cat litter, and say their declawed cats, “do well.”

65- Point Pleasant Vet Hospital –- Researcher asked if their vet is skilled at declaws and if they do them regularly, the employee said,  “Dr Pagliaro is wonderful & does plenty of them”.

66- Freehold Animal Hospital –- Have to see doctor for estimates, they do declaw but try push alternatives such as softpaws,, nail trimming, behavior training. Asked how many declaw they do a year and they said, “maybe 5 a year.”

67- Blairstown Animal Hospital – They say they do about 1 declaw a week. One employee said to try soft paws because a declaw is painful and it is amputating the toes. A declaw is $275 and their vet uses a scalpel.

68- Lyndhurst Animal Hosp Inc – Declaw/spay is $237 and Declaw is $139 and they say they do around 3 a week.

69- Elizabeth Veterinary Clinic –   Employee says they, “do them often” and say their vet has been in practice almost 30 yrs. Said that it might be illegal to declaw a cat in New Jersey soon. Another employee said  declaw is $194 and it varies on how many they do. Researcher asked how they do the declaws and is it bad for a cat and they put Dr Tucker on the phone.  Cat owner asked if she is skilled at doing declaws and she laughed and said yes. Dr Tucker talked about removing the “growth plate” and said if it’s not removed then bone spurs can grow. She said she uses the “disarticulation” method.

70- Bergenline Animal Hospital – They do declaw but say, “not that often, but often enough.” Employees said that both their vets are very good, cats will be fine & that their cat had been declawed. They charge $600 for a declaw and $770 for a declaw/spay. Asked another employee for the price of a declaw. Employee asked if you just want the front or all four? Cat owner said what do you recommend. Employee said, “most people just do the front unless you have leather furniture.” Cat owner said yes they have leather furniture. Employee gave the price for a 4 paw declaw (not laser) $780 and said they would do it as long as blood work was ok.  Said that both their vets are skilled at declaws but they aren’t doing them as often because people aren’t asking for declaws as much.

71-Edgebrook Animal Hospital- VCA- They say they stopped declawing because there is a law in NJ that is going to pass.

72- VIP Animal Hospital – Declaw front paws only is $400 and a spay/declaw is $800. Employee said that their vet declawed all of her cats. They said that their vet did two declaws in October but say that they don’t do as many these days because people don’t want to get their cats declawed as much.

73- Marlboro Village Veterinary Hospital –  (Matawan and Aberdeen Office)
Aberdeen When you ask for a price of a declaw, they ask, “do you want 2 paws or 4 paws?”  Asked what they recommend. Said that usually people just get the front paws. Matawan office said they typically don’t recommend it since it’s painful and invasive but if the cat has injured children or is damaging to your home they will do it. They say their vet has done plenty of them but they can’t say how many they do since not a lot of people come in to get their cats declawed anymore.   A front declaw is from $697.05 – $777.24 and an all four paw declaw is $793 – $893.

74- Brick town Veterinary- A declaw is $532. They said that all 5 of their vets do them and do them well but that they are sporadic and not sure how many they do a month. They say they only declaw as a last ditch effort. They say to try alternatives, soft paws, clipping nails first and that declawing is “very painful.” They wouldn’t say how many they do a month.

75- Winslow Animal Hospital-  Declaw is $169 and a spay/declaw is $223 . they say that all their 6 vets are skilled at declaws. Say that on average they do one a week. The technician leader says that they do them “surgically with a scalpel” and that they haven’t had any issues with their cats and declaws. They say that it’s painful and they are sore for a couple days but the young ones “bounce back” fast.

76- Cross Keys Animal Hospital- Declaw is $211 and get a discount for the spay/declaw at the same time. They say that all the doctors have been doing declaws, “forever.” Asked if they do more than one a month and they said, “pretty much” but that it’s not as common as it used to be. Talked about cats using a scratching post but said some people do it if their cat is, “totally destroying your house.”

77- Union Animal Hospital –  The declaws are $300 and said, “all our doctors do the procedure quite often.” They said that it is a “tough procedure” and the older the cat is, it is more of an “adjustment.” Cat owner asked if they use a laser for the declaws and they said that their doctors use a scalpel and that a laser declaw is just as painful and has the same recovery time.

78- Berg Animal Hospital- They said that a declaw is around $400 and that their vets don’t do that many anymore since declawing got a lot of “bad press.” Said that they do maybe one a month. Employee asked, “why do you want to do it?” Cat owner said, “to protect my furniture.” Employee said that that’s why they do it since some people won’t keep their cats if they can’t declaw them.

79 – Cat Clinic at Cherry Hill- Declaw is $315 if cat is under 8 lbs and $340 if over 8 lbs and their vet “does them the old fashioned way,” and they say they do, “more than one a week.”

80- Spruce Run Veterinary Hospital- Spay/declaw is $492 Said that is when they would do the declaw (with a spay or neuter) Asked if they had a skilled vet that would do a safe declaw. Said that Dr Pitman does them routinely and you don’t have to worry. Asked if he does more than one a month and they said , “yes.” Cat owner asked what he uses and they said, “a clipper.”  Employee said that it’s not something that they recommend and there might be a law to ban it. Cat owner said they wanted to do it to protect their furniture. Employee said that’s when they would do it if there was a problem with your cat and furniture or your cat scratched your baby. Cat owner asked about getting their 2 ½ yr old cat declawed and they said, “that’s still sort of young” and gave a price of $317. Cat owner asked if they brought the two cats in for the $49 exam would the vet do the surgeries as long as the cats were healthy and they said, “yes.”

81– Red Bank Veterinary Hospital – Hillsborough- DON’T Declaw- Said that the state is abolishing it and they haven’t been doing them for 3 years because they consider it inhumane

82- Plumsted Animal Hospital-  Said that they don’t declaw at their practice. Cat owner asked why and employee said, “because our doctors don’t agree with the practice.”

83- Freehold Animal Hospital- Cat owner asked for a price for a spay and declaw. Employee said that they have to see a doctor first. They said that only two of their six doctors do the declawing and they use nerve blocks to numb the paws and the cats are “very comfortable.” They said that both doctors, “do them constantly.”

84- All Fur Paws Animal Hospital-  Spay/declaw is $446.93- $534.13   Just a declaw is $338.06- $425.26. Cat owner asked how their doctor does the declaws and is she skilled at them and the employee said, “she does them manually and often.” Cat owner asked if she does more than one a month and employee said, “yes.” They said they give you Purina’s Yesterday’s News and ask, “do you want to schedule it?”

85- Bayville Veterinary Hospital-  Spay/Declaw is $490.90 plus $80 for blood work.   Employee said that most cat owners do the declaw with a spay/neuter. Declaw for 2 ½ yr old is $320.45. Employee says that their doctors use a scalpel, can be sore for the first two days but “bounce back real well.” They say, “we have cats come in pretty often for declaws.”

86- Gray Fox Animal Hospital- Declaw is $308   Asked if their vet is skilled at declaws and said they said yes and that Dr Spector does around 3 declaws a week.

87- Whiting Veterinary Clinic- – Said that they don’t declaw because New Jersey is in the process of stopping declawing and trying to pass a bill. Cat owner asked if they did declaws and how many and employee said that they did around one a month but it wasn’t something they liked to do because it causes problems later in a cat’s life like arthritis.

88- Washington Animal Hospital- –   Spay/Declaw $410 Declaw $240   Cat owners asked if their vets are skilled at the declaws and if it’s ok to do to a cat. They say that they do around 1 a month and that it’s “pretty painful but people do it.” They say that they don’t recommend declaws. Cat owner asked if there are any negative long term problems and they said, “ we can’t say. Some cats may favor one or more paws but that just happens.”

89- Pleasant Valley Veterinary Services- – Cat owner asked about a price for a declaw and employee said, “Are we doing 2 or 4?” Cat owner asked what do you recommend. They said, “It’s personal preference” and said a two paw declaw is $264 and 4 paw declaw is $390.   Cat owner asked if the vet was skilled at them and they said, “we do them pretty frequently but not a lot of people do it as much. “ They said their docs do a, “fair amount.”

90- Columbus Central Veterinary Hospital- — Spay/declaw is $530 and Declaw is $405 Employee said that all of their doctors are familiar with declaws and all of them do them “all the time.” They use a scalpel to do the declaws.

91- West Deptford Animal Hospital- Said that a spay/declaw is $443.15 and said they won’t declaw a cat that is overweight or over 1 yr because it isn’t humane. But they said that a 7 month old is ok. Said that their vet has been doing declaw for awhile and cat owner asked if she does more than one a month and employee said, “yes.”

92- Delaware Valley Veterinary Hospital- – Declaw/spay is $290- $370   Declaw is $195-$272   Asked about the best vet for the declaw and said that they have 9 doctors and “they all do them great and it’s a routine surgery here.” Asked how they do the declaws and they said they do them manually. Cat owner asked if they do about one declaw a month and employee said, “no, it’s a routine surgery.”

93- Pleasant Valley Veterinary- Spay/declaw is $597 and asked if you just want the front for the declaw price which is $340. Said that most just get the front done and their 2 vets are very good at them. They said that they don’t do as many declaws as they used to since not as many people are asking for them. Another employee said they do 1 declaw every couple months as it’s not as common. Asked the reason why cat owner wanted to declaw and cat owner told them to protect their sofa. Employee said, “that’s fine.”

94- Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital – Declaw is $750 includes exam, bloodwork. Declaw/spay is $650    Asked which vet is the most skilled at declaws and they say that all 9 of their vets declaw. Said that declawing is becoming more uncommon and not as many people request. Said that it’s a personal decision and that you have to make sure that you want to do it. Mentioned that you can use scratching posts, nail trims, soft paws. Said that it’s hard to tell how many they do since it varies but that they just had a cat owner come in that had two declaws done.  Another employee said  they do around 1 to 3 declaws a month and that one of their docs recently declawed his own cat.  Cat owner asked if declawing was ok for their cat and they said, “yea no problem” and that their vets, “know what they are doing.” They said they use the “clipper” method and give nerve blocks, put bandages on the cat, and pain medications (opioids)

95- Gloucester County Animal Hospital– One employee (vet tech) said it’s a common surgery. They said it varies on how many they do; Sometimes 2, 4, or 6 a week, some weeks none. Cat owner said that they were worried about complications or negative long term problems with a declaw and employee defended declawing and said there aren’t any if it’s done correctly and that there are no personality changes. They use a fentanyl patch for pain, and said they did a declaw that morning & the kitten was batting a toy around in the cage. Said that the cats still believe they have their claws. Employee sternly said to not believe all the horror stories. Another employee said they have 3 vets that do declaws regularly and that Dr Trail uses an electrical surgical instrument for the declaws and that declaws are a “very common” procedure at their practice. The spay/declaw is $475 and the declaw is $380-400.  Their website says they offer free nail trims.

96- Rancocas Veterinary Associates-  They don’t declaw. Asked if it’s inhumane. They said, “yea, that’s why he (their veterinarian) chooses not to do it.

97- Creatures Large and Small Animal Hospital – Spay/declaw $500. Declaw is $250   Say that their vet doesn’t do that many anymore since “people don’t want them done.” Said that they “don’t have a problem doing them” and they “like to do them the right way so the cat has a happy and healthy life.” They said that their number one priority is to make sure the cats are healthy.

98- Frenchtown Veterinary Clinic-  Front declaw with the “clipper” method is $310 for the 2 1/2 yr old cat. Said that the vet doesn’t like to do them and will only do the declaw if it’s going to be an indoor cat. Said that he hasn’t done one in a long time because less people are asking for declaws. Cat owner asked if the vet is skilled at the declaw procedure and the person on the phone seemed offended at the question and said, “oh please, he’s a Cambridge graduate and has been practicing for 30 yrs. ”

99- Animal Hospital of Sayreville- Cat owner asked for a declaw for an 8 month old cat who also needed a neuter. Receptionist asked, “just the front?” Cat owner asked, what they recommended. Receptionist said, “just the front.” They gave a price for declaw as $500 and neuter $115. Cat owner asked for the most skilled vet for the declaw. Receptionist put the owner vet on the phone. Dr Spinazzola said that he’s been going declaws for over 20 yrs and to reassure cat owner he said, “my cats get pain meds and ring blocks and are eating that night so I know that it’s not painful.” He said declaws are ” routine for me”   and “no big deal.”  He said, “The laws are changing so you have to get on this right away.”  Dr Spinazzola said he uses the rescoe clippers for his declaws and said he does them “pretty regularly.”  Not one mention of the humane alternatives or why cat owner wanted the declaw.

100- Collingswood Veterinary Hospital- Employee said that they used to do them but said that New Jersey doesn’t allow declawing, it’s against the law.

101- Village Veterinary Center-  Cat owner asked employee how much would it cost for a 7 mo female to be declawed and employee asked if they wanted 2 or 4 paws? Employee said a 2 Paw was $288 and a 4 Paw was $1000.
Cat owner asked if the kitten would be ok after the declaw, and would there be any long term side effects, Employee said the kitten would be fine. Cat owner asked if their vets are good at the declaw surgery and employee said yes, they do them routinely.

102- Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital –  All the vets at Whitehouse veterinary hospital do declaws. Dr Karan Oberhansley, was awarded “The Star of Recognition” by St. Hubert’s in 2010 for her exceptional professional contributions, support and guidance. She also does declaws and one of her employees says she’s good at them and does at least a couple a month. They say that normally they do just two paws but if your cat is a “real problem” then they will declaw all four paws. They say there’s not even a need for an exam and you can just book the apt. for the declaw procedure. They say to first time cat owners, that if it’s a young cat, they will heal up in a few weeks and they will be fine.
They charge $445 for an all four declaw but there’s a good discount if you do it with the spay and it’s only $600.