THIS IS ABSOLUTELY SICKENING AND APPALLING. Please read about this horrible study!

A study about an extended release pain med. was recently performed at the North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine & Veterinary Hospital ​[button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] NC Vet College Facebook page[/button]

The study was funded by Farnam which is a horse company. They sell vaccines and other pharmaceuticals, although they cannot sell this drug because it’s a controlled substance. It is a mystery as to why this company would fund this study but they will make money somehow from funding the study.

These unethical humans used some of their cats that were purpose-bred laboratory cats from their colony and amputated the toes and claws on ONE paw then 2 weeks later amputated the toes and claws on the cat’s other paw. Whatever treatment they got (Simbadol or nothing) the first time, they got the opposite the second.

 These horrible human beings didn’t just use a force plate analysis, they made the cats JUMP DOWN onto the force plate to measure how much weight they put on which paw. See Fig. 8 below.

They concluded that their drug is good for pain.

They say in this study that none of the cats required “rescue” pain meds.  Really??? In this day and age, why would anyone think it’s EVER okay for ANY cat to receive ZERO pain meds after barbarically having their toe bones and claws amputated is beyond me.

The company that initiated this study, North Carolina’s Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS), had 4 people working there who were fined for animal cruelty in 2011.

The most painful routinely performed surgery on cats, declawing, is so predictably painful that it is used in clinical trials like this one.

The interesting thing is that the European equivalent of the FDA, European Medicines Agency, (EMA), doesn’t accept these studies because they don’t felt that declawing is relevant to European veterinary medicine.

Yet in America, 80% of veterinarians dishonor their oath and cause suffering in 5000 cats a day by amputating their toes and claws for the welfare of a sofa.
Here is a pdf of this evil study.

Please sign my petitions to Purina, American Animal Hospital Assoc. (AAHA), American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), Mars Inc., and Cornell Feline Health Center, so that we can end this inhumane and cruel procedure. It takes 20 seconds to sign each petition and your signature will make a difference. You will be a part of cat history.

Also here are two petitions by the for the anti-declawing bills in NY and NJ.