Today is Flashback Friday and I’m in quite a reflective mood. That’s me in the middle with the cone of shame on. It’s from my overnight stay at the Emergency Veterinary Hospital when I came down with that scary vestibular disease. The vets and staff were all so caring and nice to me.

But I have to admit. I was scared.  Very scared.      (They don’t declaw at the practice I went to)

I want to tell you what I thought about all night with that cone of shame on.

I thought about all the declawed cats in North America who are put in the carriers and are taken to their vets by their owners. They trusted them that it would just be another one of those visits where they might get one of those stinging shots or nasty tasting pills.

But little did they know what they were in for. A nightmare of pain and suffering, beyond what any cat or kitten could ever imagine.

First the iv with all the sedatives and then the mutilating surgery. Most cats will have their toes amputated with the guillotine blade to chop the bone off their paws. Others have it horrifically done with a razor sharp scalpel. Others will have their toe bones burned off with those vet’s $45,000 laser machines that lately they are so proud of. (Declawing is the number one procedure that is done with a laser in vet clinics and they need to do an awful lot of them to pay back that laser bill)

As I laid there in that cage, I just thought of how those poor kitties must feel all drugged up when they awaken to the realization that the essence of what makes them a cat, are gone. Their paws are destroyed. Not only the pain and shock they must feel but the true terror of what their owner, who they so trusted,  had done to them.

Friends, this disabling, inhumane, and very unnecessary torture is done in the hands of a “doctors” who have years of veterinary schooling on how to heal and help animals and who took a vow to “First do no harm.”

So here I am to ask you to please send this note out to your personal vet. See if they will stop declawing and be a part of the solution to help end it. [button href=””] Note to Your Vet[/button]

If all of you send this note out, most likely your vets will at least pause and realize how many clients are concerned about this. Just think, maybe even if one stops declawing, how many kitties will be saved from being hurt and harmed.

Also please reach out to any well known veterinarians that you respect and ask them if they will use their fame and platform to at least spread awareness about this issue, for the bill in NY to ban declawing, or just teach cat owners about the ways that cats can use the humane alternatives like scratchers and deterrents.

Please always be respectful and nice and remember some may not always take it well since they seem to be so sensitive about this issue and know how to twist things around and play the victim.

In November of last year,  I respectfully reached out to 3 famous veterinarians asking for their help with raising awareness and tried to inspire them to be heroes and help save cats from this inhumane thing…I saw 3 very different outcomes.

One semi-famous vet wrote a piece called, “I’m being cyber-bullied.

Another, Dr Marty Becker, wrote an amazing story that helped save so many cats from this inhumane thing and he even posted the link to the bill in NY on his fb page post. [button href=””] Marty Becker Story[/button]

And the 3rd just never returned my email.

So perspective is everything and the ones who are truly against declawing will help us in their unique ways.  The others will wait it out and once public opinion on this cruel procedure is at an all time high and they don’t want to be left standing there looking bad, they will say they are against it and always were.

Well, we know the truth.

I can’t wait to hear how your own vets responded to your inspiring note to become a humane vet who completely honors their oath to heal and help animals.

Thankfully, I’m getting better from this terrible vestibular disease and am almost back to normal.  As we all know, all the declawed cats will never be anywhere back to “normal” as so many of their owners seem to sadly think they will be.