FBI-2 I have a serious and urgent subject to address and have put on my Feline Bureau of Investigation hat to get to the bottom of this alleged crime. (I’m taking a nap now since I finished the thorough investigation.)

Here is what transpired.

The other day a Cat Friendly AAFP veterinary practice proudly posted a photo of their “doctor” declawing a cat with their $45,000 laser on their Instagram page and hashtagged it so that more people would see it. Here are the two Instagram posts that this vet practice did.

AAFP PensacolaDogCatRevised

Many people alerted me about this laser declaw photo and started re-posting it.

I re-posted it to bring awareness to the sad fact that so many pro-declaw “doctors”,  who took an oath to heal and help animals,  have such a trivial and callous attitude about this horrifically inhumane procedure called declawing.

What hurt even more about this, is that a day later they posted a photo of a dog getting its nails trimmed. Such a compassionate and humane thing to do for a dog, yet such a painful, cruel, and negative life changing procedure to do on a cat.  Glad they are truly a “Dog Friendly” practice but in my eyes aren’t living up to their AAFP Cat Friendly title.

Here is where an ALLEGED crime comes in to the picture…

I received this comment on my page from an employee at this vet practice and it really concerned me since I don’t want anyone getting hurt from our important cause of trying to save kitties from having their toes unnecessarily and cruelly amputated. BORDER


BORDERI wasn’t sure who they were directing this accusation to, but it didn’t matter. I sprung into action simply because I don’t want anyone in danger or hurt,  even if they declaw cats and brag about their laser for amputating kitties toes.

As most of you know, I remind everyone on my posts to NOT attack or threaten anyone since then they will twist things around a play the victim. We all know who the real victims are in this cause and it’s the cats are having that inhumane procedure done to them.

So I put on my Feline Bureau of Investigation hat and did some detective work.

I called the police department in this town in Florida and gave them nothing but the facts. I’ve watched enough of those CSI shows to know that you have to give the police all the details. I told them who I was, what the vet practice posted, what I re-posted, what the employee posted on my fb page about this hate crime, the name of the practice that has a parking lot, and the date this alleged attack occurred.

I even asked a high ranking police officer in the online crime department about the legality of simply re-posting something that was publicly posted online or from a website. They said that this is not considered a crime so at least I cleared that up. (But remember you must not say to attack them or threaten them on any re-post that you do)

The Pensacola police dept. did some investigating for me on two days.  Their investigation concluded with this fact. There were no reports of attacks from this veterinary hospital or police responses to this veterinary hospital, the parking lot or near vicinity.

So either these employees chose to NOT report this attack where they were hurt, or the attack never happened. 

I was very relieved about all this and want to just remind you to please NEVER attack or threaten anyone. We are simply all about educating, awareness, and respectfully shining light on this inhumane procedure so that it will end in North America like it is in most of the rest of the world.

I also want to remind you that this is not considered bullying as many pro-declaw vets and their vet associations would like you to falsely believe.  [button href=”https://citythekitty.org/the-victim-card-game/” color=”orange”] Read More[/button]

THEY posted the photo and wanted the world to see them doing this inhumane procedure. We simply just re-posted it.

And on the last note, I’ve never heard anyone call declawing a hate crime, but I guess it is : a cat hater’s crime.


I also want to comment on this. Two people commented and said that there is a demand for this legal procedure so why are veterinarians like this being blamed for declawing cats. Also, an employee from this practice said, ” How can we say no when they will just go somewhere that doesn’t sterilize their surgery packs, or uses shi–ty pain meds, or send the cat home right after a procedure on no medications at all, or how about other vets in our area who still use the guillotine method. I do see your side and wish ear cropping, declaws, tail docks, and dewclaws were all left natural, but sadly pets don’t get that choice. So why can’t we help them through the devastation that the owner wants to do.”

Veterinarians in most of the rest of the world don’t declaw cats and call it mutilation. How did so many vets in North America lose their ability to grasp how wrong this non-therapeutic and inhumane procedure is? They say there is a demand for it. They say their clients will go elsewhere if they don’t do it and they want to do it properly.

Well my friends, they won’t declaw a dog if dog owners demanded it to protect their hardwood floors. They won’t remove the teeth of dogs is dog owners demand it to stop their dogs from chewing up their shoes. Many vets are not declawing cats anymore and they tell me they rarely lose a client after they sit down with them and tell them how bad declawing is for a cat and educate them on how the humane alternatives work. Perspective is everything but many vets like these would rather do the $500-700 declaws to pay back that $45,000 laser machines and it’s easier for them than to counsel their clients.