This is happening every day in America.

Mr Howser, a 10 yr old declawed cat that was sitting in an Animal Care Shelter, was euthanized last night. He was another one of the many declawed cats that were thrown away and euthanized. His life was reduced to being a number A1446624.

Mr Howser2

One of my supporters, Jessica, sent me a note yesterday asking if I would help get him out of this OC Care Shelter. She had gone to the shelter and spent some time with Mr Howser and said he was meowing and full of energy and wanted to be petted. She was heartbroken and devastated to hear the news that his life had to end in this cold cage…alone.

 I immediately reached out to my friends on Instagram, @BooAndLou @puddycats_citycats and @mookeet75 ,  who were so kind to rescue Sammy and Roxy and find foster homes for those four paw declawed senior cats.

These rescue people went over there this morning to get Mr Howser to take him to a foster home today but they were told the bad news.

The shelter people said, “Unfortunately, Mr Howser took a turn for the worse.  He was noted to be neurologic, unsteady and circling to the left and falling over.  His abdomen was doughy and tense.  Our treating veterinarian felt he was irremediably suffering and made the decision to humanely euthanize him.”



Let’s all take a moment for Mr Howser who inhumanely had his toes and claws amputated by a “doctor” of veterinary medicine. Most likely for the welfare of a sofa. Mr Howser at the age of 10, ended up in this shelter, from the result of this cruel and horrific procedure. This is a fact.

His final days were looking out from these bars wondering what he did to deserve this terribly cruel fate.

Mr Howser, A1446624. 5/3/16 RIP


Veterinarians, please stop performing this evil procedure. Cat owners stop asking your unethical pro-declaw vet to amputate your cat’s toe bones and claws! There are humane alternatives that always are successful.

NYSVMS collage photosHere are the faces of some of the many declawed cats that are in shelters/rescues near the NYSVMS current President’s practice AND the 2015 President’s practice. Both “doctors” declaw cats.

Many of these poor cat’s lives will end like Mr Howser’s did. He was another one of the thousands of casualties, a senior cat, thrown away and then euthanized,  from this brutally cruel and unnecessary amputation surgery.

If you want to be enlightened about more of these unethical veterinarians and vet associations who are trying to kill the NY bill that would protect cats from what happened to Mr Howser, then please keep reading.

The NYSVMS is paying lobbyists $100,000 to put out lies to legislators about why they want to keep declawing cats.

The NYSVMS President declaws cats and employees at her practice ask if you want two paws or four paws to cat clients when they ask to get their cat’s declawed.  Her practice says they like to combine declaws with spay/neuters because it is one stress on the cat’s body and it’s only getting anesthesia once. They ask you if you want “traditional” or laser for your 3 yr old and 5 month old kitty’s declaw. They really like the expensive laser machine at her practice too and say it decreases the healing time, decreases pain, and decreases bleeding.

For $1005.74 this “doctor”  will spay/declaw your kitty on all four paws or if you only want the front paws/spay she will do it for just $784.94 and they are nice to include the exam fee, 2 day stay, bloodwork, EKG, Iv catheter with fluids, anesthesia, recheck 2 weeks post surgery, an injection of an anti-inflammatory that lasts 5 days, an injection of an antibiotic, the bandages over the paws, AND addition pain relieving meds to go home. What an amazing deal. And they tell you this NYSVMS President has been doing declaws for over 25 yrs so she has a lot of experience. They say your cats will be back to normal in a couple weeks.

Most of the NYSVMS board members declaw cats and don’t mention counseling for cat owners or help with the humane alternatives. From what people tell me, none of the NYSVMS board members have ANYTHING on their websites about the facts about declawing or the humane alternatives to this mutilating procedure.

In fact the only thing anyone found was this information that was up on the President of the NYSVMS website in October 2015 where she talks about how great her expensive laser works for amputating cat’s toes and how “cats return to normal activity soon after the procedure.” Hmmmmm, doesn’t seem like any counseling going on here about this mutilating procedure.

Here’s someone not happy with the cost at the NYSVMS President’s practice but boy is it good for this “doctors” pocketbook.

NYSVMS CheektowagaReviewShe’s such a nice doctor that even if her surgery day is all booked, she will make sure that your 5 month old kitten’s laser spay/declaw surgery gets taken care of.


In fact I received a note about a year ago from one of her clients saying, “my veterinarian offers to declaw my two cats almost every time I have an appointment with them that involves vaccines and now with my cat’s spay appointment closing in.”

The NYSVMS says in their opposition letter for the bill in NY that would ban declawing,  “Veterinarians take the issue of onychectomy, a surgical procedure, very seriously. They maintain an obligation to provide pet owners a complete education with regard to normal scratching behavior of cats, the procedure itself, potential risks to the patent, and all available alternative before performing the procedure.”

Hmmmm, I guess the President and most of the board members get to skip those steps with their cat client$.


CheektowagaLaserOct2015website copy



Here is the link to the NYSVMS Memo of Opposition for the declawing bill on the NYSVMS Grassroots Legislative Network. Read it and see how they are making such weak excuses as to why they want to be able to keep declawing cats.

[button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Why NYSVMS wants to keep declawing[/button]

The Chairman in charge of this NYSVMS group that is all about, “helping to safeguard and advance veterinary medicine in New York State,”  is the 2015 President of NYSVMS.

This Chairman and 2015 NYSVMS President likes to talk to the news media and promote why he and his board members and NY vets need to keep amputating cat’s toes.

If you ask people at his practice if it’s ok to declaw your cat and if your cat will be ok, they say that the doctor has declawed his own cats and they are fine and he’s done a lot of them.

I’m very confused about some things since he seems to indicate that no bone is cut when he declaws in one story,  yet in another story, he says something completely different. Please help me understand what he is talking about.

My mom always told me to never lie because it’s very wrong. She also said that if you lie it’s sometimes hard to remember what you made up so it’s always best to tell the truth. She said that the truth doesn’t cost anything but a lie can cost you everything.  So I listened to her. ears


In a story in the in Jan 2015 this Chairman and 2015 President of the NYSVMS said this,

“Cats have a main pad and they have a single pad for each of their digits,” Snyder said.
“ When we take that very tip or sliver of the bone that is mostly nail bed, we don’t touch that pad, so when you look at it, you can’t tell that anything was done. So, when someone describes declawing as being the same as if you cut the end of your finger off, that isn’t anywhere near correct. If someone did do that procedure in that manner, that would be cruel and inhumane, I completely agree with that. But, we have the finesse to do the procedure, and within two days (the cat) is happy, their owner is happy.”  [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Full Story [/button]


What kind of sick human being says that within two days the cat is HAPPY after having their toes amputated???? Reminds me of this unethical vet in NY that promotes his laser declaws and says his declawed cats are happy and that declaws are part of a kitten wellness plan.



Then in a story in a newspaper in Feb, 2015 in the Daily Freeman Mr Snyder says, “It removes the last bone, but that bone is a tiny bone. Pretty much, all it does is it attaches to the nail bed.”  In addition, the joints, tissue around the joints, tendons and ligaments are removed, but vets do not cut through the bone, he emphasized.  “It can be done with a scalpel blade, a laser or a nail-trimming instrument, and, in the hands of an experienced veterinarian, no bone is cut.”

He also said that he declawed his own cat, Eddie, and said,  “the 14-year-old animal is happy, well-adjusted and engages in normal cat behavior.”

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More about the NYSVMS and their evil ways of trying to kill this NY bill that would protect cats from pain and suffering. [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] NYSVMS ways they are trying to kill the Cat Protection Bill in NY[/button]



MR HOWSER   2006-2016  Declawed and died alone in a shelter.

Mr Howsersad

In Mr Howser’s honor, let’s get the bill in NY passed so that there will be no more very sad endings like this.

 The only way good will win over evil, is if we have overwhelming support for this bill. 

Please go to these two links and sign the official petition to let the legislators know you support this important bill. It takes about 60 seconds to sign up on the NY Senate site and 30 seconds to just sign the official petition site.

Official NY Bill Petition

NY Senate Link Vote “Aye”