Dear Santa Claws,

I have three wishes for Christmas this year.

They all have to do with human beings doing the right thing and finding their humanity to help us help voiceless kitties who deserve to be protected from this cruel procedure that causes so much suffering and pain.  It is just a horrific injustice and these folks below could help save thousands of cats from it if they joined us.

All I want is for the leaders at Cornell Feline Health Center, Purina, and New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association to do the right thing and help us end this very inhumane and unnecessary procedure.

Declawing should never be an option because there are always humane alternatives. If you really want to be true advocates for animals, you will stop looking the other way to this horrific torture that is being done to around 2 million cats in America.

Profiting from any kind of animal cruelty is wrong and is especially egregious if you remain neutral and don’t do anything to help end it.

All of these leaders, who are in charge of setting policies, have supposedly joined their profession or business because they care about the health and welfare of all animals. They are supposed to be true advocates for all animals by thinking of the animal’s needs first.

Purina- Help us end declawing with the money you are making from it from the sales of Yesterday’s News Cat Litter.

Purina could donate just $1 from every sale of Yesterday’s News litter to the cause to end declawing AND/OR use that money to make educational videos about why cats need their toes and claws and teach cat owners about the humane alternatives.

Purina is making millions of dollars from declawing since Purina’s Yesterday’s News cat litter is the most recommended and purchased by vets for declawed cats and the most purchased by cat owners for their declawed cats.

Please respectfully reach out to Purina and ask them to help us end declawing with just a little of the money they are making from it- [button href=”” newwindow=”yes”] Link to email Purina[/button]

Read more about my idea- [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Purina4Paws Campaign Idea[/button]

Cornell Feline Health Center- Give what’s left of Rhoda Hogan’s $125,500 bequest that you received in 2007 to the Mrs Hogan wanted her money to be used to end declawing and to support legislation to end it.  Cornell did a HUGE disservice with her money and is hiding the truth about how the $100,000 was spent.

Please respectfully reach out to Cornell Feline Health Center and ask them if they will do the right thing with Rhoda Hogan’s money- Email is

Read about the details here- [button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] Rhoda Hogan’s $125,000 Bequest to Cornell[/button]


  New Jersey Veterinary Medical Association- Stop your lies and deceit about declawing.  Our bill in New Jersey to ban declawing will help the welfare of cats. You joined this profession because you wanted to help and heal animals and not mutilate and harm them. Your lie to NJ legislators so that you can deceive them about this inhumane and barbaric procedure. You put out a sleazy campaign called Love Your Cats to deceive the public and make them think that thousands of cats will be thrown away and euthanized if declawing is banned. If you used your passion to educate the public on how to use simple, commonsense alternatives for scratching issues or teach them how declawing is inhumane and cruel, then all cat owners would never think about cruelly harming their cats.

Here is how YOU can personally help end declawing in New Jersey! [button href=”” newwindow=”yes”] Link to the Paw Project post on how to support the NJ bill to ban declawing[/button]

[button href=”” color=”red” newwindow=”yes”] NJVMA SpokesVet Defends Declawing With Lies[/button]

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

Cornell Feline Health Center, Purina, and NJVMA…the world is watching.

Please follow your hearts and not the money and do the right thing.


City the Kitty