There are days that my mom and I feel like we just can’t keep going with this cause because of all the darkness and torture we see from cats being declawed.

Day after day, it is so draining and disheartening to hear stories about veterinarians who are supposed to be healing animals, yet are causing so much pain and suffering in cats by maiming them for their lifetime.  It is truly numbing to realize that the majority of vets profit from such an inhumane procedure.

One of the things that gives us strength and resolve to keep going and fighting to protect cats from this inhumane procedure are notes like these from people who truly care about the welfare of animals.

Thank you to Wendy for this touching note. We won’t let your mom down.

Thank you Shirl for your amazing humanity and for being a compassionate cat owner who knows right from wrong. You give your cats unconditional love by keeping them truly happy and healthy with their claws and toes on their paws.  We send you our love during these difficult times.


Dear City and family,

I just wanted to share this story.

My mom had to be put into a facility this week. She’s been a quadriplegic for 8 years and was recently in the ICU due to health problems.

We have been taking care of her at home prior to this but she needs constant medical attention now. I would love to say she has GOOD days and BAD days with her brain, recognizing us, etc but its literally down to just moments now.

Today is her 75th birthday – we celebrated with the usual kitty cards from us.


In a GOOD moment, she asked me if I knew who City the Kitty was.

Quite frankly I was surprised because she’s had NO access to internet for 8 yrs.

I told her yes and that I follow City on facebook. She had me show her.

For whatever reason, City was on her mind, even though she can’t remember her own cats.

I just wanted to thank YOU, for sharing City with us, if only for a moment in time, City’s mere existence made my mom happy today.

Mom said for me to tell you to never give up on your quest to end declawing.

AND as soon as the cognitive moment came, mom was gone again in fantasy delirium.

Again, thank you.



This is my mom, Shirl, with her favorite cat blanket.


 Mom can’t smile anymore due to the strokes. I said, “SMILE MOM” and she replied “THIS IS MY SMILE.”