I’ve decided to start bringing attention to a pitiful new trend in veterinary medicine that revolves around our cause to end declawing. Some “famous” and not so famous veterinarians and veterinary associations play the victim card while crying “cyber bullying” to try to threaten us into silence and to get us to stop shining light on the unethical ways many in this profession address declawing.PlayTheVictim copy

They are actively trying to discredit us and stop us from our important cause to end this horrific and unnecessary procedure.

They are putting out lies and disturbing accusations in pity propaganda pieces, quite similar to the AVMA’s “anti-bullying campaign” that came out of the America’s Favorite Veterinarian contest, when most all of us were simply just voting for Dr Gary Richter, the only vet in the top ten who didn’t declaw kitties.

These new “Victim Card” veterinarians and semi-famous veterinarians ask you to Google “animal activist groups” (that’s what they call me and my mom), and the word “cyber bullying” and then say that if there are even a few results, they want you to believe that we are abusers and bulliers and they want you to stop supporting us.

They say it isn’t about our cause, but about our methods of going about it. Well folks, it IS about our cause because if it weren’t, they would be actively helping us to end this inhumane thing or at least educate America more about the negative consequences of declawing and how the humane alternatives do work.

Thousands of kitties are suffering needlessly, like Teeger, and could be saved if these vets and associations would stop looking the other way and allowing so many cats AND kittens to be declawed. There is zero accountability with this disabling and inhumane procedure…zero.

They say that we are denying accusations of cyber bullying and aggressive activities to escape legal trouble and are within inches of what would be considered unlawful harassment.”

My friends, I will speak about how I personally go about this cause and that is this.. NOTHING I am doing could be considered illegal, a crime, cyber bullying, attacks, or threats. NOTHING. These are NOT examples of cyberbullying.

Spot check phone calls to their practices to simply verify if they personally declaw kitties or not. Sending them respectful emails that simply ask them about discrepancies to their position on declawing. Sending them inspiring emails to ask if they will help us end declawing through their status and popularity. Sending them educational emails to them to show them all the unethical things I have found, from hours and hours of research, about veterinarians and their declaw methods.  Posting screenshots from websites of veterinary practices with their exact information on declawing and mostly with their names blurred out.

I do not threaten or bully anyone to help us with this cause.

These are serious and troubling accusations from weak and cowardly “doctors”, who instead of using their influence and power to help save kitties from this very inhumane procedure, they choose to use it to play the victim card and continue to deflect from this important issue and our valid concerns and criticism so that we will stop this fight to end declawing in North America.

The bottom line is if they truly cared, you would see at least one or two stories from them about this very cruel and inhumane procedure that is banned in most of the rest of the world and called mutilation by veterinarians in those countries.

Try this…Google well known or famous veterinarians you respect and look up to, and the word declawing.

Whether it is a veterinary association, a semi-famous veterinarian, a pro-declaw vet that misleads cat owners to believe that declawing is a common and routine, or a pro-declaw vet that says declawing is pain free and easy with their laser, you and I know that the best way they can hide the truth is to play the victim.


There are many awesome and humane veterinarians out there who are actively using their well known status (and ones who aren’t famous) to help end declawing by writing about help for scratching issues in cats and the humane alternatives or who even say that declawing is completely wrong and it should be banned. [button href=”https://citythekitty.org/imbeingcyberbullied/” color=”orange” newwindow=”yes”] I’m being Cyber Bullied and I’m not saying this for attention[/button]

Then there are those who say they oppose declawing when privately asked, yet are completely silent on it, with no stories or comments against it. Hard to understand how someone who took an oath to heal and help animals and says they oppose something that’s very inhumane, yet not one word from them on any level of this issue that would clearly save hundreds of kitties from it.


Most of you know that my mom and I have worked tirelessly for the last year and a half to help to try to end declawing. 16 hr days, 7 days a week as a volunteer. We aren’t chasing youtube views, we aren’t trying to get followers, and we aren’t trying to get rich and famous on the internet. We are simply just trying to use my popularity to end something that should NEVER have been allowed to happen in the first place in a profession that is all about healing and helping animals.

I’m also not going to go into the attacks that we have had to endure, because it just comes with the territory since it a lot of money is at stake if declawing is banned.

Isn’t it crazy to think that we all are simply trying to save kitties paws from being harmed and cat’s lives from being ruined and we are getting all of this resistance and drama? Veterinarians in most of the rest of the world often write me and just can’t believe how common declawing is and how a vet could even possible do it to a cat in the first place.

Stay the course my friends. We are winning and many kitties are being saved from this horrific procedure thanks to your support and compassion.

Nothing and no one will stop us.

And remind them every time you read one of their pity cyber bullying pieces, who the real victims are….all of the declawed kitties…that’s for sure.

And to any veterinarian who is declawing kitties and is getting comments from people asking you to stop.   There’s a  simple thing you can do to STOP those people (not “bullies and abusers”), who care about the welfare of kitties, from writing comments on your pages.  You can simply click on the little X to the right of their comment and then click on “Ban _ _ _”,  and then you will never see any of their comments again and won’t have to play the victim card and cry such a river.

I’ve personally had to use the “Ban” button from abusive and threatening comments from veterinarians or associates of AVMA veterinarians.  It works, it really does.

I’m very thankful for all of your support.  Please sign this petition to ban declawing in NY http://assembly.state.ny.us/mem/Linda-B-Rosenthal/story/60797