working late

I was up ALL night working on my important feline research study inputting all the info you have sent me so far.

I’m collecting data from cat owners who take their cats to veterinary practices. I’m most interested in information about cats that were declawed but also could use information about cats that still have their claws.


You will be a BIG part of cat history if you help me with this important research and statistical study.

As you know, the Cat Protection Bill is on the table in New York so that’s the state I’m starting with now.

If you’ve taken your cats to Cheektowaga Veterinary Hospital or Apple Country Veterinary Hospital in New York, please be part of this history making study.

Your information will be kept anonymous and will be very vital for the welfare of cats for years to come! Send your email to

A BIG thank you to those who have helped so far!

 You and your cat will forever be a hero!Claws


If I use your information in the study, you will receive my inspiring first photobook if we can get this kickstarter funded! Here is the link to my kickstarter.  My First Inspiring Photobook



Please share this post to help spread the word about this important statistical research project. Thank you,

City the Kitty –Statistical Researcher for Feline Studies