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We must keep educating cat owners about the FACTS about declawing. Throughout the last couple years of taking on this important cause to end declawing I’ve learned this dirty little secret about declawing in the veterinary profession.


MOST veterinarians who declaw cats do NOT counsel their clients about how bad declawing actually is. Most don’t teach their cat clients how to use the humane alternatives like scratchers or deterrents for scratching issues.


Most pro-declaw folks in the veterinary profession have spun this mutilating procedure into an acceptable and necessary form of torture and animal cruelty. They accuse us of making this a divisive issue, when all we are trying to do is end a very inhumane and unnecessary non-therapeutic procedure that always harms and disables cats and that is banned in most of the rest of the world.

Veterinary Associations like the New York State Veterinary Medical Society says declawing is a contentious issue because of the “graphic and shocking imagery” posted online by “select animal welfare groups.”

  The facts are that declawing IS mutilating and does cause these graphic and shocking images and they don’t want you to see them. Declawing is wrong and they don’t want it to be banned because it is a good money making procedure for many pro-declaw vets in America.



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These comments and photos from Instagram are just the tip of the iceberg .  These sad comments and photos will show you how the myths about this disabling and inhumane procedure are so rampant and quite appalling with cat owners who have been deceived by their pro-declaw vets.




CAT OWNER- Declawing is no different than child vaccines, spaying and neutering or sex before marriage.


CAT OWNER- I’m unliking this page. City himself is an adorable little thing, but I’m pretty sick and tired of the owner’s agenda against declawing. If a cat is inside in a loving forever home, there is nothing wrong with declawing. Both of my inside cats are declawed, and guess what? They are perfectly fine and happy and have never had any problems. They were declawed while they were already under sedation getting spayed, and they got a weeks worth of pain meds to take home. I do not feel bad about it one bit. Why not spend this same energy on legitimate causes like dogfighting or selling animals to research labs for money, instead of wasting so much time on pet owners who love their furbabies and keep them safe inside and cared for?


VET PRACTICE FRONT DESK EMPLOYEE IN VIRGINIA- I’ve worked at a vet practice for 37 yrs and have declawed all my cats. I have dogs and I don’t want them to lose their eyeballs so I had to make a choice. Declawing is not that big of a deal, I don’t know what everybody is upset about. It’s not cutting their toes off, it is cutting their nails off, that’s all.  Nobody ever cuts toes off, I don’t know where that idea came from. I sometimes assist the doctors on declaws and I know what I’m talking about. Cats get declawed at animal hospitals everyday and is not bad.  I declawed a stray cat a week ago and brought him into my home and fed him when it was freezing cold outside. You all need to be educated, declawing is not cutting off their toes.

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CAT OWNER- Don’t you think it’s wrong that humans domesticated cats? They were meant to be in the wild same with every other animal. It’s just what humans do. We declaw cats, we get house pets neutered, stuff like that. Our babies our decisions.




CAT OWNER- They do it on kittens because their toes and nails aren’t fully developed so it doesn’t necessarily hurt a kitten. It is cruel, however, to do it to an adult cat.

CAT OWNER- To all those with the stop declawing it’s animal abuse…What if it’s done to say save the animals life? Is it still wrong and abusive then?


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 CAT OWNER- If you had a two yr old, and a new house that you refurbished yourself, covered in claw marks and you tried every other option (kitty caps, water bottles, saying NONO KITTY) you might realize that I, being the animal lover that I am and have ways been had no other choice.

CAT OWNER- Don’t you think a cat in a loving well maintained home with a caring family who dotes on him should be left alone and be less of a cause than say neglected, beaten, starved, and truly abused animals or another human being. Go rally to stop sex trafficking of children or illegal dog fights


VET TECH- I am a technician in the field and have been in this field for 20 years and have seen the process excel with pain medication. I have also dealt with cats that immune- compromised people have owned that are so nasty they cannot get their nail cut and they are scratched to high heaven. I do believe in a cut off age and don’t agree with people waiting till they are older. The younger they are the quicker they heal. And yes I am defending it. I don’t agree with using a laser to cut the tendon it’s better to just remove it. Leaving the nails with this procedure is horrible. With every cat I own now and in the future I will continue to declaw this is my choice. Do you have a son? Did you ask him if he wants to be circumcised?…



VETERINARIAN- I believe if the cats that have been declawed could talk they would be thankful for being adopted instead of sitting in a cage for years. The people in shelters adopting cats are only against it because they don’t understand it, just like you.


CAT OWNER- My cats are 6, 5 and 10 months and I haven’t had one problem since they’ve been declawed. Now my question…some shelters won’t let someone adopt a cat because it will be declawed. They say it’s inhumane. Yet, keeping the cat, who someone wanted to adopt, in a cage all it’s life, when it could have had a loving home isn’t inhumane? Sorry, that’s crazy! And as I mentioned in another comment, my vet was great and my cats were jumping up and down on the counter tops and furniture when they came home. They were fine.



VETERINARIAN-  If there were no declawing AT ALL then there would pretty much be no families with cats and kids. And children, like when I was growing up, will miss out on that ball of fur to love on. Laser surgery is the best option! There are amazing ways in medicine to make your cat feel just fine after surgery. Laser declawing at only a few months old, the next day they are running and playing like nothing ever happened! I know it sounds terrible for them, but if it is done humanely and right, then I have no problem with it. If you HAVE TO declaw, find a Vet who offers laser surgery. If people want to get it done then they will. We are trying to offer the best possible way of doing it and it’s the least painful way. Our facility is trying to offer the most humane way possible. We have hundreds of cats who come to the clinic that are declawed and they are just as happy, if not happier than the ones that do have their claws.



VET TECH- You post this (declawed kitty photo) for what? To bash people for making their own decisions. People torture animals everyday. If someone is going to have surgery for their pet then that means that they also are getting them vaccinated and spayed/neutered. At least they’re taking care of them. Animals are neglected and tortured daily. Declawing a cat isn’t the worst damn thing that could happen. You literally need to volunteer at a humane society like I do or donate items if you want to help. Go out and do something to make a difference.

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VETERINARIAN- If someone decides they want to declaw their animals and we don’t do it then they will do it inhumanely themselves.

CAT OWNER- Well I have a different opinion. I believe the choice to do the procedure should be up to the owner and the veterinarian who is doing the procedure. I have two happy healthy cats who have been declawed (only on their front paws) and I got them both done at 6 months old when they went for their spay/neuter. They don’t even notice they are gone, and I have never experience behavioral problems like biting or eliminating outside of the litter box. They were so young when it got done that they don’t really know they were even there to begin with. They jump from high places with no pain, and are extremely playful, social and happy animals. If the procedure is done correctly it normally doesn’t harm the animal. However the owner has to do their part and follow the proper care plan after the procedure to avoid infection.


VET TECH- I guess you have never sat in a pain lecture to understand that any type of pain can be treated. I have seen many cats that have been declawed and none of them have ever had a problem. I see more cats entering shelters because people cannot deal with a cat with claws, not only because of clawing furniture, but their own children. If many more cats can be declawed, maybe the owner surrender intakes at shelters will go down a little and it would only be feral cats that come in. Your own thoughts on it are cruel… It is not a cruel procedure. But believe what you want. And yes some people in shelters don’t understand the procedure. And yes more shelters get un-declawed cats in shelters for clawing and biting than declawed cats.


CAT OWNER-  Not all cats are angels and will tolerate things like nail clipping, or even brushing for that matter. If it was so horrible for the animal then vets wouldn’t do it, because believe it or not, most vets do love their animal patients. I have not noticed an ounce of difference in my family cat (was she declawed), besides that it is much more pleasant to pet him because he doesn’t claw you. If it never goes outdoors and it is terrorizing the house, then why not (declaw) He is fine and everybody is happier. If it was as bad as you all say, then 1) Vets wouldn’t practice it and 2) it would probably be illegal. Forget about the furniture for a second, what about your clawed arms and legs? Because cats can do that to you without meaning to. My cat is happy, and now so is our things and our bodies. He still has his toes, it’s just the nail doesn’t grown anymore. Sorry but honestly if it’s the house, your home and only place to sleep at night and the cat who the heck is going to keep the cat? “it’s ok fluffy, we can sleep in a box. So monetarily the house and furniture are more important, yes, and don’t try to argue with me over this point because a house can cost $300,000 and my cat was free. I love him and I would never kick him out of the house. (But she would declaw him). Don’t you think we have come far in the medicinal world that we can declaw a cat without it causing awful side effects?

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Owner that declawed her cats is laughing while the are still under the effects of sedation (ketamine) Cat owner laughs at declawed cats